Project Ara Coming Soon from Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) (NASDAQ:GOOG)

According to a report released by Know Your Mobile, Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) (NASDAQ:GOOG)  smartphones are expected to take a different turn this year. That turn will be done with the project known as Ara. The modular phones are set to hit the market soon and change how the way we use phones.

Google’s success with their latest phone designs gives fans the feeling that the giant knows a lot about these devices and how to improve them as the years go by. The company also knows what the smartphone users want from their devices. Low cost, design and the latest Android version is what most users look for and that’s what Google is hoping to deliver with the modular phones.

They know that with these phones they can give their users what they really want in a phone without them having to settle for less. There are plenty of good phones out there with a high price tag, but Google wants their phones and parts to be accessible to everybody. Not only that, they want their users to easily replace their parts without having to look for someone to repair them or buy a new phone, dropping your phone and having your screen crack won’t be as bad anymore because the parts will be sold at a low cost. You can also just switch out the modules if you want a better camera or a cooler clock. That right there makes it innovative and has caught the attention of many since it was first mentioned.

Events and Prototypes Showns

After going through its good and bad times, Project Ara is now Google’s answer to the “custom-tailored” smartphone that will gain popularity later this year and will look to become the best option for users out there wanting a device that could be easily modified to their needs.

Project AraGoogle has already shown how these modular phones will work at a few events and fans cannot wait until they hit the market. “This very early version of the phone we played was functional, although we weren’t allowed to turn it on and use it, in part because the touch features aren’t up and running, Google said,” reported The Verge, which looked at Ara prototypes at the Google headquarters. The report added, “The company showed it booting up on stage, but not working. The hardware itself feels very solid, thanks to its aluminum and steel frame.”

Earlier this year, Google showed the crowd attending the Project Ara Developer Conference, a second working model that left many impressed. The phone used was a second-generation Spiral 2 prototype. The company also revealed at the conference that Puerto Rico would be one of the first to get the phones and modules.

Google has not revealed the exact release date or price but electronic product reviews site, Pocket-lint, reported that the project will be out in August of this year with a market pilot beginning in March. Time also reported that the phone could come out with a $50 price tag, which is a small amount compared to the prices we have from other phones today.

Do you plan on getting one when it hits the market?



    • According to all the reports I’ve read, Google intends to sell a starter kit where the bill of materials is
      US$50 and includes a frame, display, battery, low-end CPU and WiFi