The Best Edible Plants You Can Grow Indoors

Some people think that you need a large garden outside to start providing your own source of food for yourself and your family. Thing is, these days, it is easy and cheap to grow your own edible plants inside, that can be eaten at any time.

Eating your own plants is one of the healthiest things that you can do, for both yourself and the environment. You don’t have to worry about what pesticides may have been sprayed on your food, nor do you need to worry about how many miles the plants have flown to get to you.

Growing your own indoor plants can be fun as well, and is a great way to get your creative juices and green thumbs going. It also helps keep your house smelling nice and fresh, provides a great talking point and creates a beautiful landscape for you and your family.

It can also be far more convenient than outside farming as well. You don’t have to worry about harsh winters taking away your crops, gardening in the rain, or even security in keeping other people or foxes off of your plants.

And the selection of plants that you can grow is incredibly wide! Every day, you could be feasting on such delicacies as…


best-edible-plants-grow-indoors-mintThis common cooking ingredient can be easily grown inside. Mint is pretty much essential if you ever cook any lamb. One secret trick with Mint is to also use it in scrambled eggs with a tiny bit of cumin powder for a delicious breakfast treat. Plus, it is one of the nicer smelling plants to have around, and can create a pleasing aroma in any room. You can also make a great healthy tea with it!


This cousin of Chillies can add a fiery touch to any home dish that you cook. It pretty much thrives in any filtered light condition, so can be the ideal plant to start growing if you are worried about the amount of sunlight in your house. One great thing about this plant is that as well as providing delicious chillies, it also flowers, giving you a pleasing room as well as great food.


A great standing plant, which is sure to make an impression on anyone who walks into the room, including yourself every time you walk inside! This inside plant is best kept in a corner for maximum impact. It takes about nine months for the fruits to become editable, and you can easily test them by giving the lemon’s a slight squeeze. If the lemon’s give slightly, they are now edible and can be used in cooking (maybe as juice for some pancakes!). All you need to do is make sure that you water the lemon tree regularly.


best-edible-plants-grow-indoors-mushroomsCommon in many stir-fry recipes, Mushrooms are one of the easiest plants to grow inside. And they have been shown to have a large range of health benefits. Rich in Vitamin B and Vitamin D, they are also a great resource for any Vegans for these hard to get vitamins.


One of the great things about growing this herb as an indoor plant is how indestructible they are. They can live in very cold weather and still taste absolutely delicious. Once the leaves start spouting, you can slice them up and use them in a large range of dishes, including ribs, baked potatoes, chicken, or even rice.

Salad Greens

Pretty much every type of salad leaf can be grown indoors, making adding a bit of green to any meal as fast best-edible-plants-grow-indoors-salad-greensand efficient as heading to your indoor garden. Too grow these, you need to ensure that the pit that you put them into has drainage holes at the bottom. There are two ways to grow most salad greens; from either seeds or starts. If you are using seeds, all you have to do is poke holes into your soil and add the seeds in, making sure that each hole for your seeds is about four inches apart from the others. If you are using starts, all you have to do is massage the roots for a small bit before placing them into the pot.


There is a reason that ginger is used in a lot of herbal teas. It has been shown to help reduce sickness, calms the stomach, and helps tired muscles. And you don’t even need to go out to a special store to get everything you need to grow this. All you have to do is buy some ginger from any market stall or supermarket. Place it in some soil, with the buds pointing facing up. By placing the container in direct sunlight, and keeping the soil damp, you will be able to see the ginger grow. And once you have a flowered plant, all you have to do is cut off as much ginger as you want, and put the rest back in to have it start growing again.


An essential ingredient in many dishes, especially chicken dishes. With a rich taste and a calming smell which has been said to have uplifting properties, Rosemary is a great edible plant to add to your indoor garden. The process in planting it is a bit more complex than other plants, but the effort is more than worth it. Once you have your seeds, put them in a soil of one part coarse sand to two parts of normal potting soil. Next, you will need to add some gardening lime to the pot, and place your pot on a very sunny windowsill. Check the soil regularly; if it is dry on top, then it is time to water the plant.
With all of these great things that you can grow at home, it is a wonder that anyone goes to supermarkets to buy edible plants that you can easily grow at home yourself. Plus, it is great to have a dinner party and be able to tell everyone that you grew the herbs yourself.