Twin Cities Now Getting Amazon Home Services

Amazon said that its Amazon Home Services, which is a one-stop shopping guide, is available now in the Twin Cities. While Amazon has decided to extend the Home Services program to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, the company did say that it is not up to “full strength” as of yet.


Home Services offered by Amazon is basically a marketplace that people can go to find specialists in various areas, such as repairs, painting, dog walking, plumbing, and many other home services. You can find Home Services, which is listed on as a department, and from there you can browse the selection of services offered in the Twin Cities area. Amazon launched this Home Services program in four locations back in March 2015, which was in Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Amazon Home Services has since grown as more people become interested in the program, and now Amazon has 15 areas where the Home Services are offered. 11 other metro areas, besides the first four from March, have reached “high density” level. This means that Amazon carries ordering information and product information for the service providers in that specific area.

When talking about the Twin Cities, Amazon described it as a “medium density” level, which basically is when there is quite a bit of information about home services available, although not enough services or providers have been included yet to reach that “high density” threshold. Amazon does allow customers to post reviews of the service providers who offer the services and skills through the website, so it’s still very much like the regular Amazon shopping department. You have likely heard of Angie’s List and Yelp, which have been the top online listing and brokering sites of home services for many years. Amazon created the Home Services department to essentially try and compete with these types of companies, which is why the customer reviews are a huge part of the Home Services program, and Amazon also allows businesses in those targeted areas to list their services on the website.

Amazon is hoping that soon the Twin Cities will be able to move up into the “high density” level, especially once more businesses become aware of the program within the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. The company is also hoping to expand Home Services to even more metro areas in the future. So if you live in the Twin Cities or anywhere near it, head over to Amazon to check out what Home Services are offered, and definitely check out customer reviews before you decide on who will be working on your next home project.