Tyson Visits Rousey’s Training Camp, Expresses His Admiration

Boxing legend Mike Tyson visited Ronda Rousey at the Glendale Fighting Club and what he saw left him impressed.

Her training also unsettled the former heavyweight champion, who was out of words while seeing Rousey train with her judo coach. After some time, Tyson finally said something. “It just doesn’t look fun no more,” Tyson said with a smile.

“It’s fun for me,” Rousey replied from the cage. “I don’t know about him.”

Tyson, a former heavyweight champion, was pretty much a one man wrecking machine during his days as a boxer and dominated most of his fights. Rousey is doing the same with mixed martial arts, dominating every opponent she faces in a short amount of time.

UFC president Dana White knows the two can’t be compared, but he said he believes no other athletes in the fighting sport have stood out more than these two over the past thirty years. “These are two of the greatest to ever walk the planet in their sports,” White said. “Not many people in the world can relate to that.”

Training Session

Tyson has been retired for a while now and is no longer interested in fighting, but he saw a little bit of himself when he visited Rousey. Tyson has watched many of her fights but had never seen her train right next to the ring. “Ronda, she’s a lady. Polite, kind, sweet and adorable,” Tyson said. “But her whole barometer is, she’s a killer. She has that killer aura, meaning anything is capable of happening. Whoa! That’s exciting before the fight even starts. I think of myself when I watch her.”

Rousey is currently undefeated at 11-0 and is the only women’s bantamweight champion in the UFC’s history. She is also a two-time U.S. Olympic judoka but prefers her new sport, which she has dominated in for a while now. She is the favorite to win against Bethe Correia at UFC 190 in RouseyRio de Janeiro on August 1 but fans still can’t wait to see the fight.

Rousey, who has won her last three fights in a matter of seconds, has been a fan of the boxing legend for years. After her training session, the two talked about many things. “Tyson is like the God of War,” White said. “When people see him at their fights, they freak out. They love fighting in front of him.”


Rousey and Tyson talked about food and he even expressed his admiration for the women’s bantamweight champion. The two also agreed on the great feeling of returning to the hotel with the belt and cash. “It’s very humbling, and I was just honored that he would go through the trouble or go out of his way to watch me train,” Rousey said. “I’m really glad he was able to come, but it won’t be until after I beat Bethe and go home and go back to the hotel and look at myself in the mirror for the first time, like he was saying — that’s the moment it all hits you. He knows better than anyone what that moment is like.”

She has promised to destroy Correia, who taunted her recently, and said she wants her to lose “in the most devastatingly embarrassing way possible.”

Rousey has fought just 96 seconds in the last three fights after dominating her opponents. She will look to improve her impressive record August 1.