2016 Presidential Race: Has Trump Gone Too Far?

Donald Trump has gotten off to a nice start in the presidential race but his big start could soon be over after his latest comments. The American real estate magnate has dominated the Republican presidential nomination race but refuses to apologize for suggesting that the host of the debate asked him the hardest questions because she was menstruating.

He spoke to MSNBC earlier today and said she should be the one apologizing to him after reiterating on several shows that Megyn Kelly had “blood coming out of her wherever” as she asked him questions during the debate.

Trump has surprised the other candidates, with his controversial comments since announcing his run for presidency a few weeks back. Despite what he has said, he remains at the top and could be on his way for a battle against one of the strongest candidates of the Democratic party, Hillary Clinton.

Trump says Washington focuses too much on political correctness and that he is a little different from the rest. The magnate says he brings a dose of straight talk.

Brian McClung, a Republican strategist that spoke with AFP, said there is a big difference between political correctness and being a moron.

Will It End Soon?

McClung believes the other candidates have to stand up and criticize Trump for what he’s been saying lately. A poll released after the debate Donald Trumpshows that Trump is still on top. According to the numbers, Trump earned 19 percent support, way more than the 12 percent of Scott Walker, Ben Carson and 11 percent for Jeb Bush.

Experts say that his run could be slowed down because he is now entering a difficult part of the campaign. RedState Gathering decided to cancel Trump’s invite to the seminar, where he was criticized by other candidates looking to gain ground.

Trump said recently that there are changes coming. One of his very first was letting go of Roger Stone, who told Trump to focus on other things instead of making controversial comments. Just a few days ago, Trump spoke with The Washington Post and said he fired Stone. But Stone denied that and said he left because he did not like the direction of his campaign.


Since the comments about Kelly, the Republican candidate has received criticism from just about everybody in the race, including Carly Fiorina, who criticized Trump for his offensive comments against the host.

Senator Rand Paul told others not to support Trump, saying he isn’t suited to lead the country. Paul also ripped Trump for his support for Democrats in the past.

Despite the controversial comments, McClung says Trump’s campaign could last until next year and end in Iowa, the state with the first primary vote. Other Republican strategists believe his run won’t affect the party and doubts his early lead will turn into something bigger.

There is also the rumors that Trump could run as an independent, something he said he wouldn’t do in the debate. But some say that if he does, it could be very scary and benefit Hillary Clinton.

What do you think about Trumps latest comments?

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Sean Farlow
Sean Farlow
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  1. Trump has NOT gone to far!!! He was exactly right!! The liberals and media and career politicians just don’t seem to grasp that the American Public is fed up with the lazy, welfare entitlement programs, the immigrants destroying our country, the media LIARS who are NOT journalists but pretty much tabloid reporters who just do not get that the liberal stance is the PROBLEM! Trump has not gone to far at all!!! Its about time someone stood up and got back in the faces of the liberal fools