, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) CEO Responds To Report From The New York Times, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is known for its great deals and is used by millions everyday. But what most don’t know is that its employees don’t have it easy. Two days ago, The New York Times released a report detailing what it is really like to work for the Internet based retailer. The majority of the people interviewed made it seem like working for them is a really bad experience. The New York Times didn’t just interview a few, they talked to 100 former and current employees who described what goes on in the offices. One of them was Molly Jay, who worked for the Kindle team, and received high ratings for most of her time there.Amazon Warehouse But she began missing time to take care of her sick father, and it all changed. She was told she couldn’t move to a less pressure filled position. She had no choice but to leave. Another woman, who had thyroid cancer, was given low ratings right after coming back. She spoke to her manager and he told her that the team accomplished a great deal while she was out. Then there is a case of another woman, who had breast cancer and was told she was in danger of being fired because her personal life got in the way of her work goals. In another part of the report, employees said the retailer has this thing called the Anytime Feedback Tool, where they get to snitch on each other. According to some, the system leads to employees stabbing each other in the back. Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, declined a request to be part of the interview but it didn’t take long for him to respond to the shocking report. The fifth wealthiest man in the world said these stories are uncommon. He also encouraged anyone who went through the situations like the ones mentioned above to take action.


Bezos wrote in a memo to his employees that the report does not describe the Amazon he knows. The founder of the retailer, which is now number one in the US, wants the horror stories to be escalated to Human Resources, even if they’re rare or isolated. Bezos then went on to criticize the Times for implying that these horror stories are a reflection of how the retailer treats its employees. According to Bezos, the article claims that their approach is to create a soulless and dystopian workplace. But this isn’t the first time we have heard about this, writer Brad Stone, who wrote a book about the giant, said Bezos is almost scary to work for. The stories mentioned now are from the offices in Seattle, many have already been told on what it’s like to work in the warehouses.