Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman Steps Down

Ashley Madison is back on the news just days after the site was hacked and many of its users were exposed. According to the company that owns the website, the CEO is stepping down.

Noel Biderman, who had his internal emails revealed to the public by the hack, made the decision to step down after days of watching all sorts of problems come to the site. Ashley Madison was recently accessed by a group of hackers, who leaked emails and information from the users.

The company released a statement saying the change was in the best interest for the company, one that will allow them to keep supporting the members and employees.

Earning and Service

Biderman has not said anything about the decision but it appears the two agreed to it. Biderman, who was a huge part of the site’s success, made money off the philosophy that there was nothing wrong with cheating. At the time of the hack, more than 30 million users were signed up on the affairs website. Many of them made payments and helped the site grow.

Biderman has written books on infidelity and made money off that too. According to numbers shared with Forbes by the former CEO, the company made around $115 million last year. Yesterday, the company said they are still adjusting from the hack that led to the many problems and continue to offer services to those looking for affairs. The half a million dollars is still on the table for information leading to the arrest of the group behind the hack.

Leaked Information

The hackers first breached the site last month, accusing the company of filling the site with fake female profiles and charging its members to delete their accounts, which they wouldn’t do. The hackers then posted the information after the company ignored their demands to shut down.

The leak included addresses, emails, names and other personal information. The hack has led to many lawsuits in the United States. It has also attracted extortionists, looking to get money out of the users by saying they’ll be exposed if they don’t pay in seven days. There are also two unconfirmed suicides that are currently being investigated.

The hackers, who have not been caught, did this just because they believe the site is a scam. According to experts who analyzed the data that was revealed to the public, the site had way more males than females. Men who have tried the website in the past have said many of the females ended up being fake.






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