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ASUSTEK Computer Inc. (TPE:2357) Asus ZenWatch vs Motorola Moto 360 – Which Smartwatch is the Best?


which-smartwatch-should-i-get-asus-motorolaASUSTEK Computer Inc.’s (TPE:2357) Asus ZenWatch and the Moto 360 are both smart watches running the Android Wear OS. It really comes down to aesthetics and build quality. Do you want a sleek watch you can wear on any occasion? Or rather a solid watch you can wear with anything? By the end of this article, you’ll be one step closer to discovering your wrist’s best friend.

Screen and Resolution

The Asus ZenWatch offers a 1.63” AMOLED display with a resolution of 320 x 320 and 278 ppi (pixels per inch). The Moto 360 offers a 1.5” Backlit LCD IPS with a resolution of 320 x 290 and 205 ppi. The more pixels per inch a screen has, the better it will look to a naked eye, however, it will also consume the battery faster. Both watches are also equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

Dimensions and Weight

One of the largest aspects that set the Motorola Solutions Inc’s (NYSE:MSI) Moto 360 apart from the others is its round casing and display. It moto-360-vs-asus-zenwatchshows a 46mm diameter and a 11.5mm height. The Asus ZenWatch shows a 50.6 x 39.8 casing with a 7.9mm height at its shortest point and a 9.4mm height at its highest point. An aspect that sets the Asus ZenWatch apart is its curved casing and display. It is important to note that the Moto 360 has a small bezel towards the bottom, and the Asus ZenWatch has a rather thick bezel around the screen.

As far as weight goes, the Moto 360 with the leather strap is 49g, with the 23mm metal band is 124g, and with the 18mm metal band is 104g. The Asus ZenWatch is 75g with the band. 

Battery, Processor, Memory, and Storage

The Moto 360 has a 320mAh battery, while the Asus ZenWatch has a 1.4Wh battery. With charging, the Moto 360 takes it a step further with offering wireless charging. There is no charging port, rather a little dock you place it on and it charges. While it charges the screen functions as a bedside clock. The Asus ZenWatch offers a Micro USB on the charging cradle.

The Moto 360’s processor boasts TI OMAP 3, while the Asus ZenWatch boasts Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2GHz.

As memory and storage goes the Asus ZenWatch has 512MB of RAM and 4GB of eMMc flash; while the Moto 360 has 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. 

Bluetooth, Sensor, and Audio

asus-zenwatch-moto-360-smartwatchesThe Moto 360 handles Bluetooth 4.0 low energy, and the Asus ZenWatch handles Bluetooth 4.0.

The Asus ZenWatch is equipped with a 9 Axis Sensor/Bio sensor, and the Moto 360 is equppied with a pedometer and an optical heart rate monitor (PPG). The Moto 360 tracks your heart rate throughout the day, and while the Asus ZenWatch does have a pulse monitor, it’s on the front and has to be activated manually. The Moto 360 comes with Motorola’s health apps, and the Asus ZenWatch has a nudging feature. The nudging features gives you a little buzz when you have been idle for too long.

The Asus ZenWatch has a built in microphone, and the Moto 360 has dual built in microphones. 


As far as smart watches go, the Moto 360 and the Asus ZenWatch are on top. Both have similar specs and OS, so when it comes down to it, design matters. The Moto 360 shows a minimal round casing with either a leather or metal band. While the Asus ZenWatch shows a slightly bulky rectangular casing with a leather band. Either watch is a great choice, but it all boils down to personal style.'
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