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Candy Crush Soda Saga Cheats, Hacks, & Tips for 2018

When it comes to Candy Crush Soda Saga a few quality cheats, tips, hacks, or tricks can go a long way in 2017.  So let’s check out the best we’ve found so far.

candy-crush-soda-saga-tips-cheats-tricks-1The lives system will eventually become the bane of your existence.

In Candy Crush Soda Saga, you’re able to hold a maximum of five lives at any one time, each life, when depleted, will take around thirty minutes to regenerate, so if you completely run out, you’#re either going to have to wait two and a half hours for your life bar to be completely refilled, or you’re going to have to throw some money at the game in the form of gold bars.

Just kidding, there’s actually a way around this. If you played the original game and were all about being sneaky, you probably already know this trick but if not, hey, you’ve learned something new! So all you really need to do is just use a basic time skip, which is pretty much where you go on over to your devices time and date settings, fast forward you time by two and half hours, don’t forget that before doing this, you should exit the app in the multitasker. Remember, this will only work if you turn off your wifi, otherwise the game won’t acknowledge any time has passed and you won’t have any lives. Don’t forget to switch your time back to the proper time after you’re done playing! You can keep doing this trick as many times as you want, so really if you’re in the flow of playing, why stop for something as measly as no lives?

Those gummy bears can be tricksy little guys to find.

You have no idea what size bears you’re looking for, you don’t know their specific location, and they could be literally anywhere hidden under those sheets of ice! After cracking the first layer of ice, you notice that candy-crush-soda-saga-tips-cheats-tricks-2you’re ab;e to see faint colored outlines where the bears are, this gives you great clues as to where you should be looking without wasting too many of your precious moves, I know it’s important to try and get as many points as you can in this game, but in this specific level type, all your concentration out to be on finding the bears, so if you hit a layer and you can clearly see that there is no bear under there, move on to the next block and see if you’ll be in luck there.

Don’t pass up the chance to pop a soda bottle, you will regret it and inevitably end up raging time after time.

In the bubble bear levels, when saving the bears, you’ll notice that there is ample opportunity to pop soda bottles to contribute towards the freedom of your bears, be sure that you don’t let you bear rise too quickly because this could make you miss out on the chance to collect up any remaining soda bottles, if you’re not able to collect up enough soda bottles because you decided to go for the higher ones instead, thus losing lower situated bottles, you’re essentially pushing yourself into a corner my not making the most of the bottle available earlier. Ensure you keep your eyes on any bottles that are approaching the bottom if your grid and attempt to liberate them as quickly as possible to avoid disaster.

Vertical stripe candies are absolute OP in candy necklace levels, be smart, USE THEM.

candy-crush-soda-saga-tips-cheats-tricks-3As mentioned in the above tip, soda bottle are priority in these kind of levels, but once you’ve cleared enough of these, try to make a vertical stripe candy in the saw row as your bubble bear, upon its activation the entire row will be cleared, leaving the way to the top completely free for your bear ensuring the quick completion of the level. Whilst this method may not work every time, whenever you manage to get the chance to try it out, I would definitely recommend doing so as even saving yourself a couple of moves can be the difference between winning the level and losing it, just remember that you have at least have space for your bear to rise otherwise you will have just wasted a striped candy, something which is absolute sacrilege in this game.

Don’t forget the locations of your frosted bears are completely random in every frosted bear level.

Whilst the majority of levels will remain more or less the same every time you play them, the frosted bear levels are always changing, this is probably die ton the fact that the point of the game is to be somewhat difficult at times, and having the same locations in evey level would make it fr to easy to do in the minimum amount of moves and candy crush is all about making it a little hard for you, so you inevitable end up going crazy and buying in app purchases. The only tip I can give here is to watch the ice for possible clues as to their locations and use your sense of logic when it comes to the size of the bear, and how many squares you need to clear in order to completely free it.

Use the god of all candies – The Great Coloring Candy – VERY CAREFULLY.

These candies are a new addition to the Candy Crush family and were not featured in the original game, so many a player has been somewhat confused when they have somehow accidentally created one of these. They can be created by the combination of seven of the same candy, which is a hard enough feat in itself, in fact you may find that you make them by accident rather than on purpose a lot of the time. These candies can be swapped with any candy of your choice on the board, just like you would if you were activating a colorbomb candy, although these new candies work in an entirely different way. For example if your coloring candy is a red one and you swap it with a blue candy, all of the existing blue candies already on your board will turn red, making the majority candy on your board red. I would advise checking out which color initially has the majority of the board covered and goi9ng with that color as your coloring candy color. The idea behind fully utilizing this piece is to create a board dominated by a specific color, which in turn makes it easier for you to clear large portions of the board very quickly and in few moves.

Swedish fish are great, but only if you actually need them.

Like the previous game, in this one, Swedish Fish can be created by making a two by two grid of same colored candies. Whilst these candies can be awesome for getting those super annoying candies that just don’t seem to want to get off your board, you don’t actually always really need to use a Swedish fish. For example, if you’re in the middle of a frozen bear level, you don’t actually have any reason to conjure up a fish since there isn’t anything that you might possibly need to reach in an annoying place, all you have to do in these levels is hit the frosted pieces at random until you strike gold and find a bear, nothing about this process requires the use of Swedish fish, especially since they will eat random irrelevant pieces and aren’t that much help to you in those situations, so save your moves and play strategically, unless it’s by accident, by I forgive you if that accidentally happens.

Learn how the bubble bear levels work, they can be confusing at times.

In these frustrating levels, candies come from the bottom of the board rather than the top like in other levels, but if you manage to swap any candies that are above the soda line, candies will fall down form the top rather than up from the bottom. Remember this fact when deciding on the moves you’re planning on making, there is nothing worse than thinking you’ve just pulled off an awesome move only to realize that your soda level wasn’t high enough, so the candies fell instead of rose and your bear never moved at all. Since there is no time limit on these level types, don’t worry about putting a pause on your move making for a couple of minutes while you figure out what it is that you want to next in order to have the biggest impact on the game.

Know the things that will stand in your way such as honey, chocolate, etc.

As you get deeper into the game, you’ll come face to face with a variety of different barriers, just like you saw in the original game, although this time around, there are some new, even nastier additions. These are the things that try to mess with your perfectly planned out strategies;

Chocolate – An old nemesis you remember raging at quite a bit in the original game and it’s back with a vengeance, actually, it’s back more or less the same, you know the drill with these, clear them as quickly as possible because they multiply with every move you make that does not destroy a chocolate block.

Pastries and Cupcakes – Yep, these guys again! The more stuff that these are topped with, the more layers you have to clear to completely destroy the treat block, a trick when it comes to these is doing lines of candies that span over a few of the treat blocks, so you’re removing layers from multiple blocks, thus speeding up the process a little rather than just doing one block at a time.

Honey – This stuff is absolutely horrible to work with, but it must be destroyed in order to sabe the lives of those poor trapped bears. The layers of honey often vary and can have differing numbers of layers between one a six layers. If you’re lucky and have only one one or two layers of honey covering your bears, you’ll be able to spot their locations quite easily, but after that, a lot of the bear locating is blind guesswork.

Bubblegum – One of the newer members of the barrier family in this game and definitely one of the most annoying. All of the bubble on your board must be chewed up in order to be destroyed. Like in the chocolate levels, the bubblegum replenishes itself if at least one block is not destroyed every turn, these can be a little trickier as it can sometimes take a little longer to get rid of them.

Don’t completely forget everything you learned in the original game.

The majority of the same rules from the first game still apply in this one such as the combinations of candies needed to create certain special candies, which also means that if you developed strategies in the original game, they will most likely be able to be applied in this new Candy Crush game.  So if you find yourself starting Soda Saga for the first time, however you were a die hard fan of the original game, you shouldn’t have too many problems with adjusting to the new game.'
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