Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA) Removes Kane From NHL 16 Cover

Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA) announced earlier today that Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane has been removed from the NHL 16 cover.

The news come after it was revealed that there is an investigation underway by the New York police on the right wing. He will no longer represent the upcoming game and will not appear at any events or the cover, according to EA. The cover, which had two Blackhawks players, Kane and Toews, was announced a few weeks back.

EA tweeted out an image of the new cover featuring Toews all alone, lifting the Stanley Cup. The game will not be delayed and will be out on the same date, September 15. The news were confirmed by EA spokesman Kane
John Reseburg, who also said he wasn’t in the position to reveal more about the decision and the financial ramifications this could have.

This is the first time that EA drops an athlete off its cover. In 2003, it replaced Dany Heatley off the cover after the game was out. Heatley was involved in a car crash that killed teammate Dan Snyder. When Tiger Woods hit rock bottom a few years ago, he was dropped by a lot of big companies but EA kept him as the face of its game. Around the same time, EA edited its Madden 09 cover featuring Brett Favre in a Packers uniform. The legendary quarterback joined the Jets after the game came out and most of the copies at launch came with him in a Packers uniform. The games that came out later featured Favre in a Jets uniform.

Incident and Investigation

Police in New York, where Kane resides, confirmed they are investigating an incident that occurred at his home earlier this month. Authorities have not said much about the investigation and the player has not been charged.

Hamburg Police Chief Gregory Wickett spoke to reporters and said nothing has changed in the investigation. He did say that the results and development of the investigation could be out as early as tomorrow or could take months. Kane, who is 26 years old and has a huge eight year $84 million deal he signed last summer, is a three time champion and has many endorsement deals. The recent news about the investigation could lead to the cancellation of these deals, which usually happens when an athlete gets in trouble.

Kane has been an important piece for the Chicago Blackhawks since he was drafted back in 2007. The right wing has numerous awards and achievements, including 2006 U18 All-Star Team, 2010-2013-2015 Stanley Cup Champion and is a 4 time NHL All-Star.