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Fallout Shelter Is Coming To Android Tomorrow

Fallout Shelter is finally coming to Android, after months of fans waiting for the fun little game to drop. The much anticipated version for Android will be available August 13, so tomorrow. The app has brought in millions for iOS and will probably do the same for Android.

The version for iOS came out almost three months ago and it quickly became the most downloaded game in many places around the world. It brought in millions, the studio was surprised by how well it did, despite not going straight to Android.

$5.1 Million Debut

The mobile game, which offers in app purchases to progress faster, made aFallout whopping $5.1 million in the first two weeks, according to SuperData.

Fallout Shelter takes place in a nuclear wasteland, where players have control of a vault. Their skills will be put to the test in various ways. Players are in charge of the vault and the survivors, who can be assigned to various tasks. The game has been given a lot of positive reviews since its release, with many saying that Fallout Shelter is a likable game with great visual features. The only problem reviewers have noticed is the controls and the long load times on some devices.

The release will be huge for Bethesda since Android holds 78 percent of the smartphone market. Tomorrow’s launch will bring new enemies into the game such as mole rats and deathclaws, who will try to do all they can to make your life in the vault a little bit harder.

Mr. Handy and Previous Games

The launch will also bring Mr. Handy, a robot that can be used to explore the wasteland, collect stuff you need and repel enemies. The guy in charge of the studio, Todd Howard, told the crowd at an event a few weeks ago that this fun app was done on the side and that they were caught off guard with all the success. The company sees the millions rolling in as bonus money,

Android fans will be entertained by the app for some time but the game they’re really waiting for, Fallout 4, will be released November 10 for the newest consoles and PC. Stores are already taking pre-orders for the game and fans can’t wait.

Fallout was first introduced in 1997 and was followed by another game in 1998. Bethesda did not make the Fallout 4 Coversfirst two, they bought the franchise back in 2007 but have been continuing the success. They released Fallout 3 seven years ago and Fallout: New Vegas in 2010. The 2010 game was not a sequel but the upcoming title will be.

Bethesda showed fans a little more about the game at E3 a few weeks back. The game, which will be set in Boston 200 years after the whole mess started, will put players back in the free to roam nuclear wasteland. Bethesda has already told its fans not to worry about finishing the game like in previous editions, where the end of the story would stop them from getting back into the wasteland. This one will let them keep exploring and leveling.

Fallout Shelter comes to Android tomorrow and Fallout 4 comes to PC, PS4 and Xbox One November 10, 2015.

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        • Is it weird that I was going to buy fallout new Vegas but since I saw Bethesda didn’t develop it I bought fallout 3 GOTY edition

          • But I’m glad I did because I bought it the day before fallout 4 was announced no joke

          • They are both VERY good. Honestly, Obsidian are very good at developing RPGs.KOTOR 2, Pillars of Eternity, FNV… and Alpha Protocol, which is somewhat broken, but has very good ideas.

            Some even say that FNVs story, spirit and humor is actually closer to the original games than F3 (which I don’t know ’cause I didn’t play the old ones). In any case, both are a “must” IMO.

    • bull something, i got the game and its case right here, want to tell me new Vegas wasn’t a Bethesda game again. Bethesda even advertised it at their block at E3 how ever long ago that was.

      • Fallout: New Vegas is a role-playing video game developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Bethesda Softworks. look up the info before you call bull on people……


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