Floyd Mayweather Picks His Last Opponent, Boxing Fans Not Happy

Floyd Mayweather is coming off a match that earned him over $100 million minutes after it was done, and that’s not counting the other millions he made after PPV sales were done. It was a disappointing match to most boxing fans, after all the years of hype. But wait, there’s more.

The undefeated boxer will now face Andre Berto, who hasn’t done much to earn a fight of this caliber, next month. That has made boxing fans all around the world furious. Floyd Mayweather confirmed it earlier today on social media. The two will meet September 12 at the MGM Grand in a pay per view matchup distributed by  American premium cable and satellite television network Showtime.

Mayweather’s contract with Showtime will expire after the match and he has said in the past that this will be his last fight. With a win against Berto, he would improve to 49-0. But there is a new arena opening in Las Vegas soon and some say Mayweather would like to fight in there for the 50-0 record. But the undefeated boxers insists that this will be his last fight.

BertoBerto is no stranger, but not the ideal boxer for a fight against Mayweather. Berto began his career at 27-0, but has since dropped three of his last six matches and has fallen out of the picture. This fight is not the one boxing fans were waiting for and some will surely skip this one, especially after the last fight against Pacquiao.

Thurman and Other Candidates

Keith Thurman was a name heavily mentioned by fans before the news were revealed. He is an exciting young fighter who is undefeated and holds a welterweight championship. But Mayweather never considered him as his next fighter, two months ago he said he had narrowed down his choices to Karim Mayfield or Berto. He ruled him out by saying that his next opponent should be Errol Spencer Jr.

No one is sure why he picked Berto, but fans are not happy about it. The fans who wanted a good fight as his last will probably let him know by not ordering the pay per view. But there will also be thousands who will tune in to watch him fight one last time. After all, Mayweather has told people in the past that he doesn’t care about what they think.

He will go in there one last time and go for the 49-0 while making millions. Money Mayweather meets Andre Berto September 12.

Are you going to tune in?