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How to Cure Swollen Feet, Legs, and Ankles with Essential Oils

Swollen feet, legs, and ankles are caused when fluids pool in your legs and feet, unable to circulate throughout your body. This swelling is known as edema, and while this condition is not deadly by itself, it can be a symptom of something more serious. If you are concerned or have other uncomfortable sensations or injuries, timely professional medical attention is crucial.

Otherwise, swollen feet, legs, and ankles can be cured by a simple home remedy of massage with different essential oils. These treatments may vary based on personal biology and body composition, so try these treatments with caution. Your unique body chemistry may make some oils very soothing for your skin and swollen body parts, but at the same time, your chemical makeup can also make some oils very irritating to your skin. It’s important to test patch anything before you apply it to your skin.

To test patch, take some of the product (essential oils, in this case) and dab it on a small part of your skin. Most of the time, people test patch products on parts of their bodies that are easy to conceal, in the case of an allergic reaction. For swollen feet and legs, try dabbing a small amount of the essential oil you plan to use on your ankle area or on the area surrounding your Achilles tendon, so that if an allergic reaction does occur, the affected areas will not be drastically obvious.

Analyzing your reaction after test-patching will allow you to make the decision whether or not you would like to use the essential oil treatment on large areas of your body. Wait a few hours or even a few days, if you are unsure of how your skin will react.

Assuming that the essential oil agrees with your skin type, there are various ways to use essential oils to treat swollen feet or legs.

Chamomile Oil

Chamomile is best known for its ability to alleviate discomfort following the touch of poison ivy, but its anti-inflammatory properties can also help in curing the swelling of feet, legs, and ankles. Simply use a few drops of this essential oil to massage your legs and feet, and enjoy the scent as you knead your feet and legs. You can also apply a few drops on your skin, or slightly wet a towel with it to press and rub on your legs. If you are looking for a good value we recommend the Chamomile oil available here. Best of all if you follow the link you should get the 20% discount automatically applied to the product.

Juniper Oil


Juniper oil is well-known for easing swelling and other conditions caused by fluid retention, which may be the case in terms of leg and foot swelling. Try soaking your feet in a small washbin with half a teaspoon of juniper oil and warm water. You don’t have to use this exact amount, but overusing this oil may cause irritation to your skin, so, as always, use with caution. Juniper oil can get expensive at brick and mortar stores however you can get it for under $8 by clicking this link to automatically apply the discount.

Geranium Oil

Geranium oil works much in the same way as juniper oil does. Soak your legs or feet in a washbin, or even a bathtub. You can also massage yourself with this type of essential oil, but be sure to massage your legs in an upward motion, as if you are pushing the fluid from your legs to the rest of your body. This will aid the fluid’s migration from your lower body to the rest of it, and help bring down the swelling. I personally use the Now brands geranium oil and it’s quality is great.  You can also get it on amazon here.


Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is especially fragrant, and it can also be used to massage and soothe the skin of a swollen body part. Simply apply a few drops of this oil topically to your swollen legs or feet, and massage the oil into your skin. Similar to the other oils, it’s way cheaper to buy it online.  The best value we found is the Majestic Pure oil which you can get by clicking here.'
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