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Natural Alternatives to Xanax

By some estimates, Xanax (also known as Alprazolam) is the most popular drug in America. This is very bad. Xanax is addictive, can cause blackouts, and can be attributed to many deaths. It can also be very deadly when mixed with other drugs, such as alcohol, causing many people to also have problems in their daily lives. As well as complete blackouts, Xanax can cause you to develop memory problems, mood swings, and worse of all, replace your anxiety with depression.

The thing is, even if you are a prescription user of Xanax, there are many natural ways to cure anxiety Disorders (the most common non-recreational reason people take Xanax). If you are suffering from Xanax addiction, these helpful alternatives can also be used to help to curb your cravings, allowing you to lead an all-natural, Xanax free life.

Note: If you are being prescribed Xanax by a professional, please do consult them before following any of this advice and quitting Xanax. If you are already addicted to this nasty, unnatural drug, you need to be very careful of the withdrawal symptoms. They have been described as worse than quitting cigarettes and heroin combined.


buddha-meditation-natural-alternatives-to-xanaxOne of the most serene and natural ways to relax yourself and to help curb your anxiety is to find some time to meditate daily. This can be straight after waking up, before you go to sleep, or even better yet, both.

Just light a natural smelling candle, and relax, focusing on your breathing and clearing your mind. Daily meditation can decrease your anxiety levels substantially, giving you a peaceful, clean mind clear of all the worrying thoughts causing you to take Xanax.

Relaxing Tea

This follows on from the meditation. Sometimes, all you need to do is to take ten minutes out of your life and focus on relaxing. Once a day, drink an all natural tea, such as Kava, and sit somewhere. Turn off your phone, your computer, and make sure no one disturbs you while you take ten minutes to drink it. Appreciate the smell, and take small sips, making note of the taste. This will help you to keep your mind under control and give you a way to take a break from life, helping to naturally cure your anxiety over time. We recommend the following Kava tea (click here) as it’s one of the highest rated in both quality and results.

Passion Flower

This little plant from Asia has long been known for its calming and natural anxiety reducing effects. In fact, this plant fits in well to the drinking tea alternative above, in that you can simply make a tea from the plant’s leaves and create a tea with natural chemicals in it that can help to reduce anxiety. This is also really helpful in combating Xanax addiction. It gives you another outlet which isn’t addictive.

One advice is to not drink the tea before you need to do anything which requires concentration such as driving. This is because the plant can ave a slight sedative effect. This is also something to consider if you are pregnant, or are on any other medications or herbal supplements. Before taking this, do talk to a health care professional, but do your research before hand on this wonderful alternative to Xanax. You might also be able to beat an expensive prescription of over the counter drugs if you are sufficiently well informed. Passion flower supplements are a great value as well, for example you can get the following passion flower extract supplement here for around 10 cents per dose.  

Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is one of the most cost-effective ways to cure many problems of the mind, including anxiety. By adding some essential oils to a balm or an aromatherapy diffuser, you can not only make your home smell nice and natural, but also create an environment that, around the clock, helps you to combat your stress and anxiety and get rid of Xanax.

Recommended oils to use include Lavender, Lemon, Rose, and Orange. All of these natural oils have been shown to have relaxing properties, as well as just being generally pleasant smells in the first place.

Click here to check out the diffuser I personally use in my office. It works great and the amount of money I save on air fresheners has paid for it 3 times over.

Also make sure you get a high quality set of essential oils such as the ones here. Keep in mind these last literally forever since you only need to use a couple drops for each time you fill up your diffuser.

Plenty of Magnesium

Unfortunately, in any developed nation around the world, including the United States, magnesium deficiencynatural-alternatives-to-xanax runs high in the population. This nutrient, when lacking, can cause a whole mess of psychological problems, including anxiety.

If you are lacking from Magnesium from your diet, you don’t have to hit supplements to be able to get your body the nutrients it is craving. Just add some more nuts and seeds to your diet, or eat fish (such as Salmon) more regularly.

Another great source of Magnesium is Soybeans, meaning that by drinking an organic, soy based drink, you can easily help to cure your Magnesium deficiency problems. You can also use this drink as a substitute to tea, taking ten minutes out of your day to drink it in peace and quiet, giving you a break to help your anxious mind without the help of Xanax.

Keep in mind that all supplements aren’t created equal.  Click here for our recommended Magnesium supplement. This magnesium supplement is a high quality and chelated version which increases absorption so your body can actually utilize it to it’s best ability.

Going to the Gym

natural-alternatives-to-xanax-exerciseOne natural source of stress relief in the body are Endorphins, released whenever exercise happens. Sure, you could try to do the work out at home, but sometimes, it is hard to motivate yourself. So, arrange to go to the gym with a friend. This way, you will have someone to hold you accountable if you don’t go.

As well as the natural Endorphins you get after a work out, going to the gym has many other benefits that can help you to relax without popping Xanax. You get to meet a lot of other people and develop your social support network. Furthermore, going to the gym also gives you something to do, and when you plan your day, you can help prevent anxiety from creeping in during your down time.

Talk it Through

And the last suggestion focuses on that natural need that all humans have. Social interaction. Find a close friend, and talk through your problems with them, wherever it’s anxiety, coming off of Xanax, or just something bad that has happened to you that day. This is an inexpensive alternative to therapy, and can be just as effective. Talking to people, just like exercise, naturally increases both Endorphins and Dopamine levels in the brain, creating a happier you. Furthermore, talking to someone can help you sort through all of the things that give you anxiety and stress, helping you to cure yourself without the need of any expensive supplements.'
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