Play FIFA 16 Early, Plus New Features

FIFA 16 is exactly 44 days away from its release and fans can’t wait to get started on Career Mode and Ultimate Team. But there is a surprise for those subscribed to Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA) Access.

The makers of the game, EA, revealed more information on the upcoming football game at the Cologne event this week, mostly about a fan favorite, Career Mode. The mode for the previous edition was pretty good but it lacked some of the realism, this one promises to bring all that.

Career Mode was featured at Gamescom and showed two new features that will totally make it stand out from previous editions. Not too long ago, EA Sports announced the new FUT draft system. Most of the big changes coming to the next football game will be for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. So those with the older FIFA 16 Coverconsoles will have to start thinking about buying a new one soon.

Those who own an Xbox One, will have the opportunity to play the game early with EA Access. The subscription-based gaming service that provides players with free games published by EA.

Those paying for a subscription to EA Access, will get to play the game five days before its official release. They will also save ten percent on digital purchases and additions to the game.

FIFA 16 will bring more realism to Career Mode. One of the many changes is pre-season, which will give players the chance to play in different continents. Your club will be invited to tournaments in Asia, North America, South America and Europe.

The matches are like the friendlies you’re seeing now between big clubs, where they play just to see who gets the starting position or who fits better. The tournaments won’t be for nothing, your club will get some money added to the transfer budget for the season.

New Additions

Managers will also have the opportunity to make young players better by putting them in a number of training drills. Here are the rest of the new additions to Career Mode:

– Scout reports now last a whole year before going away, in FIFA 15, they expire after three months.

– You can now sign free agents outside of the transfer period, a big help for those who are looking for a solid veteran or are in need of players after suffering many injuries. The second is a common one in FIFA 15, one player goes down and three others follow.

– You’ll now be able to loan a player for two years.

– Transfer budgets will now be tailored to the team you’re using and only a percentage will carry on to the next season. That’s not all, it will vary depending on how well you did during the season.

– You’ll be able to make all the subs you want in friendly matches, just like in real life.

– The value of the players will be around the same as the real world transfer market. The transfers will also be a little more realistic and players won’t leave as much as in FIFA 15.

FIFA 16 hits US stores September 22, 2015 and Europe two days later.