Preventing Diseases Transmitted Through Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks are a common problem especially when the weather starts to warm up. Spring and summer are the most common times of the year when a flea or tick infestation can occur. We often get flea and tick bites from our pet and it can be an enormous hassle to get rid of fleas and ticks once they latch onto our pet. Fleas and ticks are not only annoying little bugs but they also can carry diseases that can infect both you and your pet. There are a lot of various ways to prevent flea and tick bites but some ways work a lot better than others. If you have a pet then you should be concerned that a flea or tick infestation can occur which will put you and your pet susceptible to flea and tick bites. If you have a flea or tick problem or want to learn how to prevent the flea and tick bites then you might want to try some of these suggestions.


Fleas and ticks are a very common problem if you own a cat or a dog and can bite both you and your pet. One way you can prevent flea bites and tick bites is to use preventative treatments on your pet. There are a lot of various flea and tick medications out on the market aimed at preventing a flea or tick infestation or killing them if the infestation has occurred. These medications are often found in a shampoo, a liquid medicine, sprays or collars. There are two types of flea and tick medications to choose from and one you can buy at the store and the other is by a prescription from your veterinarian.

In order to stop flea or tick bites you might want to use a preventative treatment such as a flea collar. You can go into your local pet store or grocery store and see that have flea and tick collars which cost about 6 dollars each. Flea and tick collars are made for either a cat or a dog and they are dipped in a medication aimed at preventing flea and tick bites. These collars are often available for both an indoor pet and an outdoor pet to ensure the flea and tick medication works based on your needs. You can also ask your veterinarian about specific flea and tick collars that might be available by prescription only.

Dip medications are also available and these are made for either a cat or a dog and it is a preventative medication you mix with water. The dip medications require you to mix a certain amount of the medication with water and then proceed to dip your animal in the mixture. The dip medications are aimed at killing fleas and ticks that might be present and are also used as a preventative treatment before an infestation occurs. You can find several different brands of dip medications at your local grocery store or pet store and they will cost you about 10 dollars. Stopping the infestation through a dip medication is one way you can prevent flea and tick bites on you and your pet.

Sprays are also very good at stopping the flea and tick infestations which are known to cause bites on both you and your pet. The sprays to prevent flea and tick bites are often for people or for indoor-use such as on carpet. Personally, I use a spray flea and tick treatment and it works better than a lot of other options out there. Raid has a flea and tick spray in a can similar to the sprays you would use to get rid of wasps and other insects. It comes in a can that you hold about 12 inches from the carpet and go from left to right spraying down the entire room. You let the spray sit on the carpet and furniture or other affected areas for about 40 minutes and then you can vacuum the fleas and ticks away. I have found sprays that are aimed at preventing flea and tick bites are more reliable and they are quick-acting. Sprays such as Raid Flea and Tick require you to go outside the house or at least open up windows during use due to the fumes and toxic chemicals. The Raid spray products are found at your local grocery store or pet store and cost you around 5 dollars per can. The indoor-use sprays are well worth the money and help stop fleas and ticks in their step which will better prevent bites and infestations.

Flea and tick shampoo is also another way to prevent flea and tick bites from occurring. There are a lot of shampoo types out on the market for your pet that are aimed at preventing and stopping flea and tick infestation. These shampoos are often found in a pet store or retail store and cost you about 8 dollars or more depending on the brand. Flea and tick shampoo should be applied to your pet before the flea and tick season occurs which is usually from May to September. If you shampoo your cat or dog in the early spring then you are reducing your chances of a flea and tick infestation which will prevent bites. You can also get flea and tick shampoo from your veterinarian through a prescription if you have a severe flea and tick infestation already.

Prevention is the best way to prevent flea and tick bites and come in various forms and techniques. The only way to prevent flea and tick bites from occurring is to stop the flea and tick infestation before it begins, because once it starts it is very hard to stop. Fleas and ticks are known to carry diseases such as worms and Lyme disease which are dangerous to both you and your pet. If you have taken the precautions to safeguard your pet do not forget you also need to safeguard your house and environment. You need to keep using a spray around your home to stop flea and tick infestation from occurring. A lot of fleas and ticks can be found in your home such as on your couch or in your carpet, so prevention also means spraying inside your home. There are a lot of carpet shampoo products you can use to prevent flea and tick infestations in your home as well as sprays and disinfecting products that will kill fleas and ticks.

Remember what ever method you use to help prevent flea and tick bites it is important to read the directions. Some medications and preventative treatments are for a certain type of animal like either a cat or a dog and require the animal to be in a certain weight class. When using flea and tick medications on your pet you do not want to use a cat product on a dog or a dog product on a cat. Make sure you read all the directions about how often the product should be applied and any specific reasons for why the product should not be used on a pet. Flea and tick medication and prevention is proven safe and effective if you take the time to read the directions and what the product is intended to be used for and on. If you ever have questions about the methods used to prevent flea and tick bites, you should consult a veterinarian who can most likely assist you with your questions or concerns. As with all chemical products, you should take precautions to prevent injury to yourself by wearing gloves or other protective clothing if possible and do not inhale the fumes.

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