Rand Paul Has No Plans To Stop Eye Surgery Even if President

Rand Paul is a noted eye surgeon and ophthalmologist, passing his boards for the American Board of Ophthalmology the first time around. Ever since, Paul has been practicing medicine in Kentucky, where he often goes on various mission trips around the world to help those in need.


Now Paul is saying that if he did win the presidential election, he would still be performing his eye surgeries if elected president. He is now still practicing in Kentucky for people who do not have a lot of money or insurance, and his recent mission was in Haiti where he helped perform 200 cataracts surgeries. Paul says that he wants to continue his missions and he is hoping to make it to an Indian Reservation next year to perform surgeries as well, because Paul believes in helping the under-served and under privileged. Paul went on to talk about how politics is often frustrating, but that medicine is one of the most rewarding jobs out there. Paul discussed how giving someone the gift of sight is truly one of the most rewarding things you can do, because you see their smile when a simple eye procedure corrects something that previously made the person unable to see.

That was not all Paul talked about though, as he went into the gun control debate after the shooting deaths of two journalists live on television on Wednesday. Paul said that the people often committing these types of crimes are not really obeying laws in the first place, and that guns are not the only weapon that these individuals could use to kill other people. Paul said that he did not think placing more control on guns or limiting guns would do anything to counter these people who want to act violently, and also said that law abiding citizens are the only ones hurt by gun control. This should not be a surprise to people who know Paul’s politics because even though he is on the Republican ticket, he has always been more libertarian, and he is standing for the Constitution no matter what, and he believes in the good of the general American public.

In the latest survey which was conducted on Thursday, it showed Paul only had 2 percent of national support, and overall was in 11th place out of the 17 candidates for the Republican party. Paul said that he still had faith that his campaign could turn more voters his way, and saying that as president, he would create a single tax rate for all Americans. The current front-runner for the Republican party has been Donald Trump, who has had the polls on his side for over a month, and through his comments, has actually gained more voters than lost them. Paul said that Americans need more personal freedoms and that the government needs to be a lot smaller.

Paul said of course he hears the poll numbers but when he goes out and sees crowds of 500 or 1,000 which has happened at every speech, he wonders about what the poll numbers mean. Paul said that if he didn’t know about the polls he would think he was doing great because his speeches are always packed with people and it seems to be gaining steam since he is seeing bigger crowds than he ever has before. The issue seems to be though that Paul has not been able to tap into the mainstream Republican voters, mostly because he is often thought of as an “extreme” candidate or fringe based on his views of a lot of issues, and that is very similar to his father. In order for Paul to gain more traction as far as with the voters he is going to need to talk more in ways that people can understand, without getting into the specifics of the Constitution and the amendments because this is something a lot of voters don’t understand much about. For now, it looks like Paul is going to have to do something to ramp up his supporters as time continues to slowly approach 2016. Luckily for Paul, he can still seek reelection in the Senate for Kentucky, since he helped change when the presidential caucus is so that he can be on both that ballot and the Senate ballot as well. It’s unlikely though that even as he is number 11 he will drop out, as the most important thing for him and a lot of others like him is to get the message out regardless of the outcome of them in the actual nomination process.

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