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Studies Show Napping Benefits Mental Health

There are many ways you can improve your mentality during the day ranging from eating healthier to avoiding energy drinks. There has been a lot of speculation that taking a nap is a good way to help improve many aspects of your daily life. There are many health benefits associated with napping so next time you need more brain power, napping might be the answer. So with more people being awake for longer hours due to children or their job there seems to be an increase in napping through the day. If you want to start napping during the day it is best to only nap at the most 20 minutes. If you take a nap longer than 30 minutes you can actually increase your grogginess and you will become more lethargic. Napping can be a positive thing to help increase your productivity as well as health and here are some great benefits.



Napping can benefit you by increasing your performance especially if you have a dangerous job. Fatigue is a very serious condition and can impair your performance which could be dangerous depending on your job. If you have a job where you need to stay alert such as a commercial truck driver, police officer, soldier or even a pilot you need to be alert at all times. Even if you just stop for 20 minutes and take a nap you can increase your alertness and become more aware of your surroundings. Taking a small nap during the day can increase your energy and brain activity which will help you stay better alert for better job performance.

Napping can also make you smarter by improving how you learn. When you sleep at night the skills and knowledge you recently gained are integrated into your brain. Napping has a similar effect in that it can help you process newly-learned materials or skills which will make you smarter. Napping for about an hour will benefit you similar to nighttime sleep and can increase the way your brain functions. If you are studying for a test or exam then napping will help your brain process the information you just learned which will make it easier to retain information and learn the information quicker. Napping helps increase the brain functions that allow you to remember information and process the information which is why napping can make you smarter. It does not mean that taking a nap will make you a genius but it will help you retain the new skills or knowledge and process the details of it better without too much trouble.

Napping during the day can also help protect you against the consequences of drowsy driving. We all have busier lives now and seem to not get enough sleep at night due to children, jobs or stressing over paying the bills. When the morning comes and we get ready for work we tend to overlook the fact we are still tired when we get into the car. Being drowsy is a very risky situation if you are behind the wheel of a car and it can make you less aware of your surroundings. When you are driving and you are tired your muscles are not reacting as fast which can mean you can not stop fast enough and end up hitting the car in front of you. Everyday people seem to belittle the risk associated with driving while tired or drowsy which can be a dangerous situation for everyone on the road. If you take a 20 minute nap before you start driving then you will reduce your chances of getting into an accident due to drowsy driving. If you are already on the road and start feeling really drowsy, you should pull over somewhere immediately and take a small nap. Napping before you drive or stopping to nap while you are driving can greatly reduce your risk of an accident due to not being alert. Take a small nap before a long drive and grab a cup of coffee to reduce your risk of becoming another statistic for drowsy driving. Napping before a drive will make you feel more alert and have better awareness of your surroundings. Napping can also increase your brain power and ability to adjust to situations on the road such as snow or rain. Your vision will also appear sharper and clearer which will help you see the road clearly and see the objects and cars in front of you.

If you are a night shift worker then you might want to take a nap to help performance and fatigue issues. Night shift work is one of the hardest shifts to pull because your body is naturally out of whack staying up all night and sleeping during the day. Someone who works night shift might experience more fatigue than someone working day shift which can decrease their job performance. Someone working night shift should take a small nap before they go into work so they are more alert and able to perform essential tasks. If you are a night shift worker you should think about having a nap about an hour before you go into work and drink a cup of coffee on your way into work. Taking a nap can reduce injuries on the job and make you more aware of the environment around you. Napping is very important for someone on the night shift because it can also increase learning and newly acquired skills that pertain to your line of work. The body takes a long time to adjust to night shift because of the lack of sun you see the hours you are awake. When you work the night shift you might want to try napping to increase performance, productivity and it helps reduce stress and fatigue.

Napping during the day is also a great way to reduce your chances of a heart attack and heart-related diseases. Napping can increase the health of your heart and if you nap at least three times a week you can significantly reduce your risk of a heart-related condition. Taking a nap helps oxygen flow through your body and can improve the health of your heart by releasing stress and anxiety. Someone who takes a nap during the day over their lifetime will reduce their risk of a heart attack later on in life and will have a healthier heart. Just like all parts of our body, the heart can become overworked and stressed out which can result in serious heart-related problems or even death. Even just taking a 20 minute nap every few days can greatly reduce your chances of a heart attack or developing a medical condition like heart disease.

Napping can also improve your creativity which might be important for your job or hobbies. When you take a small nap during the day you are increasing your imagination and willingness to view things from a different perspective. When you take a nap you are also helping your mind clear out thoughts and actions which might help you have a fresh perspective on an important issue. Napping can help increase your brain power and creativity which can lead you to new ways to do something and increase your work performance. If you are stuck on a situation or you can not figure out how to make something work, you can take a small nap so you can get a fresh perspective on the issue. Boosting creativity and imagination is important for your job and important if you have a hobby because you always could use a new idea on how to get something done. Being more creative and imaginative might also help you solve problems associated with bills or other everyday issues since you will have given yourself time to unwind and look at something from a new point of view. Whenever you are stuck on a situation or you can not figure out any new ideas on how to go about getting something done, just take a small nap and it will help your creativity and imagination.

Napping is also a great benefit for your overall health and mentality which will help your immune system stay strong. Sleeping is the time when the cells within the body repair themselves which helps keep you healthy. Even napping has the ability to help your cells repair themselves and can be very beneficial in keeping your general mental health in good condition. Napping can increase your heart health and can also decrease stress and stress-related health problems. Napping will generally benefit your heart function and brain function while providing your body with essential hormones. If you do not get enough sleep it can cause hormonal imbalances which affect nearly every aspect of our health so it is important to nap if you want to keep your hormones balanced. Taking a nap can also help improve your immune system which is important to keep us healthy and resistant against normal bacteria. If you do not have a healthy immune system you are more likely to develop the common cold and you become more susceptible to other possible viruses and infectious bacteria such as pneumonia.

There are a couple negative aspects to napping, especially if you get too much napping time. If you nap for more than 30 minutes you are more likely to develop sleep inertia which is the feeling of grogginess and drowsiness. Napping for too long will make you feel more fatigued and you will be less alert than you were to begin with. So if you decide to start taking daily naps, you should set your alarm clock to wake you up within 25 minutes to prevent this from happening. Napping can also be difficult for someone if you are not at home in your own bed since some people can not sleep anywhere besides their own bed. If you are not at home in your own bed then you are probably not going to get a good nap which can be annoying for some people. Napping during the day should not mess up your nighttime sleeping patterns but for some people it can. Some people just can not sleep during the day while the sun is out or they do nap and find it harder to go to bed at night. Really napping during the day provides many wonderful health benefits but it is not for everyone. If you are just starting out napping you might want to try it for a week so that you will know whether or not you feel it is working.

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