Two Men Say They Know The Location of a Lost Nazi Train Filled With Gold and Other Items

In Poland, there is an old story about a Nazi train filled with gold, stolen artwork and many other valuable items that vanished into a mountain as the World War II was coming to an end. Nothing has been found since the disappearance but now two men claim to know the exact location of the lost train and want 10 percent of its value in exchange for details of the location.

Historians are not sure if the train ever existed, but authorities are interested about the discovery and want to uncover the treasures they have been searching for the last 70 years. An official in the area told the Associated Press that they believe it has been found and are taking the information from the two men

The official who spoke to the AP, said her office received two letters earlier this month from a law firm representing the two men. One men is from Germany and the other is from Poland, but that’s all the authorities have right now since they chose to stay anonymous. The letters ask for 10 percent of the value and gave out specific details on the train. The letters from the lawyers say the train is 490 feet long and is loaded with guns and all kinds of valuable items. Authorities plan to give them what they want if the information on the location is correct.

Is It a Scam?

In an interview, the lawyer representing the two men, compared the discovery to the finding of the Titanic. The official says the hiring of a law firm gives them credibility, as do the exact details of the train’s length and content. But some are not completely sold, part of the area they described made it seem like they did not know much.

Joanna Lamparska, who has followed the train’s history close and has written about it, believes it could all be a lie or a scam. She told the AP that this isn’t the first time someone says they have found the train with the precious metals and artwork. She added that nothing has been found.

The Legend Says..

Local stories say the German train filled with the valuable items left from the German city of Breslau in April 1945 and disappeared during the 40 mile journey to Waldenburg. According to historians, Adolf Hitler created a secret underground system all around the area but no one knows exactly what it was intended for.

The story says a Polish miner was told about the whole thing when talking to German miners after the war. The Germans say they saw the train being pushed into one of the secret tunnels. The Polish miner has spent most of his life looking for it.

Authorities hope that this is true and say there is a possibility that the men are close to those who knew about the train. During Hitler’s years of terror, thousands of stolen artworks and precious metal were hidden. Many of them were found by those who defeated him but some have never been found.