Ways to Feel Healthy On Gluten-Free Diet

Medical conditions can affect just about anyone at any given time within their life and some of these conditions require certain dietary restrictions. One medical condition is Celiac disease which is an autoimmune condition that affects the small intestine. This medical condition requires a lot of things mentally and physically, including a change in your diet. When you have Celiac disease you are supposed to live on a gluten-free diet which can be very hard emotionally and mentally for a lot of people. There are many ways you can feel normal and healthy while on a gluten-free diet you just have to look at the positives.


A lot of the foods we eat for emotional reasons have gluten in them so one thing you need to do is stop relying on food to make you feel better. Comfort foods as they are commonly called are foods like chocolate and ice cream along with any other foods you would typically eat to feel comforted. When you are on a gluten-free diet you essentially can not eat anything containing oats, wheat or barley so you can pretty much count out that doughnut in the morning to make you feel comforted. Instead of relying on foods to comfort you there are many different exercises and therapies you can do to stimulate your mind and body and relieve common stress. Try some meditation or yoga during those times you just want to sit on the couch and eat that bowl of ice cream or box of doughnuts. Doing meditation or yoga is an easy way to make you feel normal and healthy even though you are on a gluten-free diet. When you are on a gluten-free diet you will need to find suitable foods or exercises you can do to replace those foods you relied on so much to get you through hard times.

Even though you are on a gluten-free diet it does not mean you can not cook or eat the meals you love. One simple way to make yourself feel normal and healthy while on this diet is to experiment with your recipe book. Gluten-free diets mean you can not have processed foods which are common in a lot of different recipes. If you have a dish you like but you know you can not have it, experiment with the recipe to find a way you can still eat that meal you love. You can get non-wheat products and a lot of various whole food replacements for that ingredient you can not have. Being on a gluten-free diet will allow you to come up with your own variations of recipes you love to cook and eat which can help you feel normal. Knowing you are on a gluten-free diet you need to change your eating habits by replacing certain ingredients or foods with others and this can be done with any meal or recipe you enjoy. You might not get it right the first time you try to change the recipe so allow yourself plenty of time to get used to the replacement ingredients and foods. Just because you are on a gluten-free diet does not mean you can not cook meals and enjoy the process of making food for your family, you just have to improvise on certain levels to meet your dietary guidelines.

Knowing that processed foods are not good for you and that you are actually becoming healthier is another way to help you during the transition. When you start on a gluten-free diet you might be thinking your life is over and that you will never get the nutrition you need because you are so restricted on the foods you can eat. One way to help remind yourself you are still normal is knowing you are becoming healthier during this process. Sure becoming healthier is often better mentally if you are not forced into it but being forced into it might be the best way. Becoming healthier is something a lot of us strive to achieve and is something we all want to do but have a hard time sticking to it. Taking out wheat and processed foods is a great way to achieve a healthier feeling and appearance and in the end will make you feel a lot better about yourself. You just have to remember that being on a gluten-free diet is what you make out of it and you can choose to let it bother you or you can embrace the challenge. Do not think of a gluten-free diet as a bad thing because gluten foods are mostly bad for us anyways and are full of starch and carbohydrates which is a contributor of weight gain. You are normal just like everyone else but being on a gluten-free diet gives you an advantage because you need to live and eat healthier. Knowing you are just simply taking out the foods that most of us would love to stop eating anyways will help you during the transition. Being gluten-free is nothing to be worried about or emotionally crippled over, it is a new beginning and is a new start for both your body and mind. You will get over the fact processed foods were your favorite foods to eat and you will feel mentally and physically more competent as time goes on. Also, you will gain knowledge in the foods you can and can not have which will help you make easier conscious decisions when it comes to eating out places.

Even though being on a gluten-free diet is emotionally draining, you will soon find out you feel normal and healthier just but eliminating the wheat and processed foods from your diet. Being gluten-free will allow you to become more aware of your body and what is going on internally. The relationship between foods and how they make you feel will become more apparent such as they do for a diabetic. You will begin to notice what foods make you feel nourished and refreshed as well as pick up on the foods that make you feel lethargic and depressed about your image. Once you start on the gluten-free diet you can get a variety of foods to try them out and you might want to write down what the foods were and how they made you feel in a notebook. Having a diary of how these non-processed foods make you feel will help you determine what foods to eat and stay away from. The diary is also a good guide for grocery shopping so you know what you should buy and what foods you would be wasting your money on if you bought them. Feeling normal while on the gluten-free diet has a lot to do with knowing your restrictions and how different foods interact with your body. If you know certain foods make you feel good then you will be doing a huge favor for yourself mentally during this change.

Another way to feel normal while on the gluten-free diet is to try not to restrict the types of meals you eat. When you are on a gluten-free diet you want to think outside the box and broaden your meal choices and diversify them. If you have never eaten Asian foods or Chinese cuisines then this is the perfect time to try a gluten-free version of a great dish. Feeling normal while on this diet means you need to keep thinking of new dishes and new ways to make things, do not just stick to one boring way of cooking. Learn how to incorporate different themes into your meals and learn how to make various culturally-based meals from the gluten-free meal guides. When you are on any dietary restrictions it can be boring eating the same meal over and over again without any variation and this can really drag you down mentally. Changing up your meals and learning how to make various dishes in different cultures will help you keep the fun alive and challenge your skills in the kitchen.

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