Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Watch Burns Woman’s Wrist

A mother of two suffered a few burns when her Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Watch overheated in the sun. She then contacted the company, who told her she was wearing it wrong.

Annie Hoang tried to return her Apple Watch Sport to an official store in Columbia after what happened.

BurnThe woman had been in a car for a long time when she says the watch, which currently goes for $349 on the Apple website, overheated and burned her skin.

She is not the first one to come out and say the device has burned her wrist, many more have posted their burns on social media.

The watch had been given to her as a gift three months ago. Her husband, who thought this was the perfect anniversary gift, paid a little over $500 for it.

Complaints Ignored and Refund

She says the burns happened on a long road trip with her family and that she had worn the watch for around seven hours when she took it off and saw the burns. She immediately touched the device and it was warm.

When she first took it to the store, she says staff ignored her complaints. She visited the Apple Store two more times before speaking to a manager, who eventually agreed to give her the money back.

The manager first offered her a new watch but she didn’t want to risk getting burned again and took the money. She was told the device would be tested and that they would send her the results soon.

Two days later, they came and the result was that she was wearing it too tight or that she had skin irritation. She is not sold on the results and added that if she had the device for three months, why didn’t it happen before?


Apple Stores in the areas where the burns happened have not responded. A page on its website does warn users that they could react to certain materials. Back in July, a report in Fusion showed that is was a decent number of users who were experiencing burns.

In one of the cases, a woman suffered burns during a workout. She was wearing an Apple Watch Sport, the same model as the woman now. A few more then provided pictures of their burns on social media to show that it wasn’t just an isolated incident.

Apple has not responded to most of the pictures posted on social media but did offer a new device to the woman who suffered the burns during the workout.

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