Fallout 4: DLC, Mods, Season Pass and New Weapons

Fallout 4 is less than two months away from its release and the studio has once again revealed more on the upcoming title. This time, Bethesda talked about DLC, mods and season pass.

Bethesda made a new post on its official website, saying Fallout 4 will be the first Fallout game to feature a season pass, which will go for $30. They don’t know how much they will be releasing with the DLC, but they did confirm that buying the season pass separately will cost $40, which means buying it soon can save you $10. That’s not the only benefit for the early buyers, they will also get everything else for free if the studio decides to release more content.


Gamers will also receive free updates from time to time. Not only will these updates fix minor issues and make small tweaks, they will also add in new features like we saw with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which had additional features such as improved combat patched in.

Creation Kit

Fallout 4 will be getting an official creation kit for modders. The kit won’t be out this year but will be available as a free download for the PC version early 2016. The mods will eventually be ported to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The studio did not say how they will decide which mods come over but at least console owners will get access to some of them.

Previous Information

Screenshot of Fallout 4 TrailerBefore this announcement, Bethesda gave more information on the leveling system, combat, returning weapons, limited edition Xbox One and toy.

According to Gamespresso, the XP system is way better now. Leveling up is still connected to XP, but the perks you earn with those points will now come with their own categories. The change looks to add more replayability to the upcoming title, which is said to be around 400 hours long.

Gamepur spoke with Bethesda and they gave them details on the combat and weapons. The studio said the combat and weapons were refreshed for fans of the previous titles but not so much to confuse those looking to play a Fallout game for the first time.

Returning weapons include Fat Man, Plasma Weapons, Minigun and Baseball Bat. The studio also revealed the names of two new guns, the Junk Jet and Pipe Pistol. The Junk Jet will allow players to fire any items at their enemies. The Pipe Pistol is a gun made with springs and metal pipes, this one can be updated to a rifle later on. The two are said to be easily available in the game.

The studio also worked hard on five limited edition Xbox One, giving them away as part of PAX Prime, all fans had to was pose for a picture at their booth at the event or retweet one of their messages with the picture of the limited edition Xbox One, which they named Pip-Box.

Bethesda wasn’t done there, they also impressed fans with a few screenshots of the power armor toy prototype, which is said to be coming sometime before or a few days after the release of the game. The toy will be made by Threezero.