HS Football Players Who Blindsided Ref Say They Were Just Following Orders

Michael Moreno and Victor Rojas, the two high school football players involved in the incident, wish they could take it back.

The Texas teenagers, who accepted an invitation to Good Morning America, spoke with George Stephanopoulos earlier today. The two are currently on suspension from school and team after blindsiding a referee during a game three weeks ago.

Video of the incident made headlines all around the country. In the footage, the two teenagers are seen going after Robert Watts, one of the referees who was looking at the play. The teens, who play for John Jay High School, say they were just following orders from one of their coaches.

The man behind the orders was assistant coach Mack Breed, who was fired shortly after the footage surfaced.

Moreno said he put his trust on the coach, who was was like a guardian to him, and did what he was told.

PlayAccording to Moreno, before the play, the coach pulled him and another player aside and told them that they needed to hit the ref. Moreno then told Rojas what the coach had said to him. The other player pulled aside did not do what the coach asked him to but Moreno and Rojas did. Just a few days ago, the two said the referee used racial slurs during the game. The coach was also not happy about the missed calls during the game.

Watts was blindsided and then hit on the ground again. He was nowhere near the action of the play and it was pretty obvious that it was done to send a message. Watt’s attorney said recently that he denies using racial slurs.

The incident was seen all around the United States and the NFL was shocked to hear about this. The league recently released a statement saying things like this against any game official at any level are inexcusable. They also supported the punishment for the two and would like to see a full investigation.

Breed has yet comment on the allegations but will soon have to respond if this case goes to distance. During Good Morning America, the teens expressed sorrow and apologized to Watts.

Complaint and Legal Action

Moreno said he wants to be an aerospace engineer, but the suspension and potential criminal charges could end his dream of becoming one. Moreno added that everyone sees him as a thug or gangster, but that is not true, he says he is a great kid underneath the helmet and pads.

The school district will discuss about the incident on Wednesday and decide a proper treatment for the two. Rojas and Moreno could be sent to another school as punishment but they’re also facing expulsion. Their attorney Jesse Hernandez, believes the two have already gone through enough and experienced an appropriate level of punishment. Hernandez added that the two apologized and didn’t mean to do this.

Officials with the Northside Independent School District will soon file a complaint for the alleged use of racial slurs while Watts is thinking of taking legal action against Moreno and Rojas. Marble Falls Police is also investigating the incident.