Lara Croft GO Tips and Tricks

Lara Croft GO is a new mobile turn-based puzzle game for iOS and Android devices, and it is available on Windows Phone as well. Lara Croft GO is developed by Square Enix and it is one of the most challenging games out there from the Tomb Raider series. While Lara Croft still has all of her trademark moves in this game, you will notice that this game is very different because you can only move one step at a time. This means that Lara Croft GO is a very daunting game, and to top that off, the game also does not come with a tutorial like past Tomb Raider games. This means that you basically have to guess at what Lara can do and cannot do, and it is very time consuming. Here are some tips and tricks to help you out in Lara Croft GO, since there is not a tutorial to help you out, and hopefully these tips and tricks are going to enable you to have fun with the game while also enjoying the daunting detailed nature of it as well.

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Swipe To Move Left or Right- In Lara Croft GO, it might take you a minute to realize that to make Lara move, you need to swipe in the direction you want her to go into. Meaning, if you want Lara to move right, then you swipe right, and if you want her to move left, then you will need to swipe left. This is basically just a tap game, which is easy to remember at least, but it can take a while for you to get used to how sensitive your device is, but you should not have to swipe on your device that hard to get Lara to move. The only issue with the swiping left or right in this game is that sometimes you might experience a little lag, which often times is your internet connection, but it can every once in a while be caused by the game. If this happens sometimes you just need to reboot your device, as if you have an older Android or iOS device, background apps running can cause the hiccup in the swiping. This game however is very good in terms of sensitivity and you should not really run into any issues when you go to swipe left or right.

One Step at a Time- In this game, since it is a turn-based game, you need to just take it one step at a time. Everything in your environment will move or react with each move you make. This means that saws and platforms will begin moving after you move, a spider will start moving towards you and bite you, or the cracks might end up breaking once and for all. You need to try to get from the beginning to the end without anything biting you or attacking you and without walls collapsing around you, and this is why it is important to just take one step at a time. If you try to plan out your path ahead of time, you will just be wasting your time since things in your environment will be reacting to every move you make. While you do need to plan and have strategies, you just cannot get too far ahead of yourself because this game is daunting and takes a while for you to get from one place to the finish line. You will also find out that in the later levels, you will need to really pay attention before and after a step, because things will begin moving and getting closer to you than you thought they would. Some enemies will begin making a move for you when you get within two spaces of it, so know your surroundings when you take your steps to ensure you are not about to get attacked.

Take Your Time- In Lara Croft GO, it is important you take your time before you make your swipe. There are certain levels in the game as you move on that will put enemies and obstacles in your way every time you move a space, which means you need to plan out your moves and use strategy. You cannot just sit there and swipe left and right to get through this game, because it does involve a lot of strategy and each move you make something is going to happen, so always make sure you are keeping an eye on the surroundings. Taking your time is probably the best tip I can give you in this game, because you will soon realize that it is important you plan everything carefully or else you are likely to meet up with some really bad enemies and you might not seem them coming if you aren’t paying attention. If this is your first time with a turn-based game, you also want to make sure you are taking things extra slow until you get used to how the turn-based world works, especially in the later puzzles.

Do Not Worry About Elevation Changes- While you are playing the game, you do not need to worry about elevation changes, such as ledges. Lara can climb walls, hang from ledges, and grab onto objects no matter what the elevation is, and she has the same moves and abilities as in the previous games. If you see a line connecting the next space with your location, then you will be able to reach that diamond, so you do not need to really worry about the changes in elevation. If there is a will there is a way when it comes to Lara grabbing, climbing, and moving all about.

Cracks are Warning You- One of the biggest tips out there is to pay attention to the cracks that you might see in some spaces, and they will be quite visible. These visible cracks are a warning sign, and you need to take them seriously, and heed the warning it is giving you. If you see a space with a crack, avoid going back to it when at all possible. If you go back to the space that has a crack and you are on the ground, then the entire area will end up giving way, and then that will lead to you dying. Think of it as a crack on ice, because if you continue to hit that spot on the ice where a crack is visible, it eventually will lead to the entire area opening up and you fall through. That is the basic concept here where you will be softening the area if you are around the crack more than one time, and that ground only will hold so long before giving out. If you fail to pay attention to all of the cracks in the area, you will suffer the consequences, although you can use them to your advantage when it comes to getting rid of some of your enemies that are coming for you.

Walls Also Have Cracks– You might not really think about it while playing Lara Croft GO, but there are cracks on the walls too. The cracks on the walls mean the same thing as cracks on the ground spaces, and this means that you can land there once and be okay. If you land on the wall spot twice, then you are going to be in some serious trouble. While you might not die instantly, you will cause Lara to end up falling down, straight down into whatever is below. If there is a space below then Lara will be alright, and you will realize that sometimes the collapsing walls are to your advantage, depending on the situation.

Tap on Items in Environment– In Lara Croft GO, you can interact with everything in the environment by simply tapping on them. You can activate the switches in the game by moving Lara to where the switches are at, and then just tap on them. Lara has the ability to use her feet and her hands, which means you can tap any direction you want to if you see something in the environment you want to utilize.

Know Your Enemies- If you have played other Tomb Raider games, then you know enemies are a big deal. In Lara Croft GO there are a lot of enemies you need to watch out for, and you need to know who they are so that you know how to fight them. None of the enemies are the same in terms of how you need to go about fighting them, with each enemy requiring certain solutions to beat them. There is only one basic rule when it comes to all of the enemies you will encounter, which is that you do not want to be standing right in front of any of the enemies after any of your moves. You never want to be in the space right in front of the snake for example, because if you are in the front of it, you will end up dead. You also want to move away from the Lizard Man when he gets near you, and not moving away from him will lead to you dying too.

Tap on Urns- In this game, you need to tap on the urns because these contain gems and relics, and you need to collect the gems and relics. Lara does not have to be that near the urns to collect them, all you have to do is tap where you see the glow, which is the telltale sign of the urn, and there you go.

Collect All Jars- The jars are basically the urns, and you want to collect as many of these as you can because the relics and stones are in these jars. We just talked about how easy it is to get them, but here is why they are so important to you. Each chapter in Lara Croft GO has a specific amount of relics and gems that you need to collect in order to unlock items, such as a new outfit for Lara, and you get these items for free if you collect enough relics and gems. If you want to get Lara a new outfit but end up not collecting all of the relics and gems, then you have to pay for the outfit with real money, and that is just not fun. This is also why you need to take your time in the game, especially in the beginning of the game, because you might not notice where all of the jars are, and then you miss out on getting the amounts you need from those chapters to unlock the items. This is not a time-based game, so make sure you are looking for all of the jars, which can also be called urns, and get them all so that you can unlock all of the items for free without paying a penny. You also need to take your time because once you pass the checkpoint, you cannot go back if you happen to spot the jar at the end, and this means you miss your opportunity for that particular scene. The relics are sometimes hardest to spot because often times they are well hidden, and this means you have to pay attention and just keep your eyes open. Collect all of the jars by taking your time, looking for the glow, and tapping when you see it before you pass that checkpoint in which there is no return.

Only Pay for Solutions if Needed– If you are playing Lara Croft GO, you can actually purchase a solutions bundle for $4.99, which will give you all of the solutions to the puzzles. You really should opt to not purchase this bundle because part of the fun of this game is figuring out the puzzles on your own. If you download this game only to purchase the solutions then you are defeating the entire purpose of the game, although it is out there if you are truly stuck and in need of solutions. The best thing to do is if you need to use a solution because you are stuck, only look for the puzzle you are stuck on, and do not just use the rest of the solutions because you can. Try your best to figure the puzzles out on your own, but the developer does have the bundle if you feel it is necessary.

You Can See Jar Amounts for Each Level- Instead of having to go through the entire game a second time to collect all of the jars, you can see the jars for each level on your first go around. All you have to do is go into the main menu and tap the Book icon, and this will open up into several books and chapters. Turn the pages to see how many jars are in each of the levels, and then you can see how many jars you have successfully collected, and how many are left that you need to get. All you have to do when you see some you missed is just scout those levels for the gems and relics, and you will be able to retroactively collect them. This is one of those tips that can save you a lot of time, since you likely will just think you need to replay the entire game, and that is not true. You will not see the information about the jars in each level though unless you go through these steps.

Consider Spear Throws Carefully– While you might think that you want to kill the animal or creature that is nearest to you, in Lara Croft GO it is not that easy. You want to think of this game like chess, meaning you need to think about the moves ahead, even though you cannot really plan for how the environment will react to you beyond a few moves. If an animal is way far from you, then forget that one and focus on the closest one, but you need to pay attention if you have a couple animals within a few spaces of you and a few spaces from one another. While you will probably find out that the ones closest are the most dangerous, it really depends on what kind of animal we are talking about, as Lizard Men and Spiders both are bad, but the Lizard Men are definitely more dangerous.

Know Your Enemies- In this game, it is important to know the enemies you are going to see, because it can help you plan your moves based on the danger each enemy poses to you. The snakes are immobile, which means that they do not move, although you cannot be in the space in front of one or you will die. You can use pistols to kill the snakes from the back or the side, and you can move one out of the way by moving a saw blade right into the path of a snake. The Lizard Men are the more dangerous, and you do not want to be in front of one of these either. The Lizard Men, once it sees you, will hop on its hind legs and begin chasing you, and this happens with you about two spaces ahead of it. The Lizard Men are dumb though and will just follow you, which means you can go over a cracked space and get it to fall into the hole, and if it falls onto a cracked wall it will stop chasing you. The Giant Spiders follow a path and will move only one space at a time. You do not want to be right in front of a Giant Spider, but you can use any other angles to shoot them. If you have a switch near you, then you can reroute the spider as well, so they are a lot like the saw blades in that regard, meaning you can move them around without worrying too much about them harming you.