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Mad Max Tips and Tricks

Mad Max is a third-person action-adventure video game that uses vehicular combat, and it is set up in an open world based on the Mad Max movies. Mad Max was published by Warner Bros, and was released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows on September 1. The main objective of this game is to get from zero to Magnum Opus, which is also Max’s new ride, and you have to go through the Wasteland and kill enemies in order to be successful in this game. If you are looking for some tips and tricks to help you get through Mad Max, then pay attention to the tips listed here, because they will help you progress through the game as easily as possible, although it still will be a pretty tough game to master.

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Learn the Controls- One of the first tips you need to follow is to know and learn the controls of Mad Max. This game can get difficult at times, especially as you go through the wasteland with your only companion, Chumbucket. The control scheme is by far one of the biggest elements of the game that is going to get into your way, because the game does have some odd controls that don’t make sense if you have been playing other action games. The right trigger is what you use to run and the left trigger is what you use to jump. The left bumper will help you aim, but shooting is done with the circle on PlayStation and B on the Xbox. You want to take a couple minutes when you first start the game to learn these controls before you really get into the depths of the game, since it is so different from a lot of the other action games out there. You will find out that the more you play with the controls before you start the game, the better you will be in the game, and you should not just wait until you play the game to figure out the buttons. If you have this game on more than one platform, then it is going to be even more difficult to remember the controls because they are different from one platform to the other. You also will want to go into the settings and see what all of the buttons are and if you need to, change the settings and controls before you begin the actual game.

Know The In-Game Currency- In Mad Max, there are a few ways you can upgrade the ride Max uses in the game, and Max himself, although it is not easy to get a grasp on at first. There are two in-game currencies in this game, and the first one is scrap. Scrap is obtained through killing enemies, blowing up cars, and looting the camps of the enemies. Once you conquer areas in the game, you will automatically get scrap generating for you too. You can use the scrap to improve the Magnum Opus, and there are 16 different upgradable elements, such as the weapons, tires, body color, suspension, and defenses. You can find all of these upgrades under the “Garage” tab in the options menu. You will find out that a lot of your scrap ends up going into turning the Magnum Opus into a fine-tuned machine. If you go to the “Max” tab in the options menu, you can also upgrade Max with the scrap. You can improve Max’s wardrobe, improve his armor, improve attack power, and also change how much ammo he can carry. You can also change Max’s combat skills through this menu too, and you will have to change these to attack quicker, as well as being able to break the scrap metal shields of the enemy.

There are also Griffa tokens, which the players can collect simply by playing various challenges in the game, and you can then exchange them via a desert wanderer who helps Max unlock his inner abilities. Through the Griffa, you will be able to gather more water, scrap bullets from the pillaging, and extend your health meter. This wanderer only appears though once you have earned a few tokens, so you need to save u p for a bit before you visit this mysterious wanderer. You want to try to get these tokens as much as you can because they are very important as you go through the game, you will need to make sure that you visit the wanderer every so often because you want to get upgrades almost as soon as you can, since these upgrades can really increase your odds of killing your enemies.

Save Up Ammo- In the beginning of the game, you will not have that much ammo, and it takes quite a while to really gather enough ammo to really make a difference. This is why in the beginning, you want to save up your ammo and do not have your finger on the trigger button early in the game. If you keep your finger on the trigger button, then you might accidentally fire off a round, and this is not a good idea. You really want to make sure in the beginning stages of the game that you are saving your ammo for when you really need it, such as when you are in a dangerous situation with an enemy, and you need to shoot off your gun to stay alive. If you end up shooting off the gun too early, you will run out of ammo, and then when you really get into a bad situation, you will not have enough ammo to protect yourself and keep yourself safe. You might want to practice keeping your finger off the trigger in the beginning because it is a good habit to have in terms of making sure you don’t accidentally shoot off the gun. Even once you get a lot of ammo later on in the game, you want to still make sure you are keeping track of the ammo and you are not wasting the ammo, because later on you might end up needing most of the ammo during one attack and you might not be able to grab more.

Search For Alternate Entrances- When you are playing Mad Max, you want to make sure you are searching for the alternate entrances. A lot of the camps do have alternate entrances, and if you talk to other people in the wasteland, you will probably gain some intelligence on where these alternate entrances are. You might see yellow paint which is an indication of a secret entrance, or you could check behind planks of wood, which is also where the alternate entrances are.

Take Out Camps ASAP– When you are playing the game, you will want to take out and eliminate the camps as soon as you can. Friendly camps will give you scrap periodically and this reduces the threat level in the area, which then can help keep you safe. The more camps you take out, the more scrap you can collect, and the better your odds are of surviving out there.

Don’t Worry About Destroying the Car- When you see an enemy and an enemy vehicle, it is best to kill the driver but then don’t worry about destroying the car. A lot of the times, the cars do not offer you a lot of scrap, and it is way easier to kill a driver than try to take out the car and destroy it. You will also find out that destroying the car will just take a lot of time, and if you are in an enemy territory, there is a greater chance of you being found and killed. This is why you just want to kill the enemy and move on, because you do not want everyone else finding you and then you having to stand there and try to fight off the enemies.

Use Flashlight In Dark Areas- When you are playing Mad Max, it is also important that you use your flashlight in all of the dark areas. If you get your flashlight early on in the game, you more than likely will forget you have it, and this could end up being dangerous. Try to remember to always use your flashlight when it becomes dark, since this can help keep you safe from the traps and the surprise attacks that you might encounter. The flashlight turns on automatically at night, but if you just enter a dark area it will not turn on automatically, and you will have to manually turn it on.

Avoid Roads at Night- When you are playing this game, it is important that you avoid the roads at night, because there are a lot of buzzards. These buzzards are your enemy, and they are insane when it comes to their defense. If your Magnum Opus does not have a lot of armor, then it can actually shred right through your vehicle. The buzzards will not only take you down, but they are very fast, and this makes it harder to get away when they begin chasing you. The best way to avoid getting run down by buzzards is to just avoid the roads at night because they will be there, and they will be waiting for you. You will need to equip with the Thunderpoon, and then once you do that, you will be able to easily take out these buzzards, but until then, just avoid at all costs.

Keep Your Fists Strong- In the beginning of the game, you will need to focus on the melee damage, because often times Max will not be fighting with a melee weapon. You need to make sure that in the beginning of the game, you keep your fists full of fury because they will be all you have for a while. If you do not have his fists ready to go and get them pumped up for melee damage, then you are probably going to lose some fights early on.

Use the Hot Air Balloons- Since there is a lot of desert in this game, you want to utilize the hot air balloons, and use them once you have unlocked a new piece of territory by going up to the vantage point. It is easier to see what is going on and it is easier to explore when you are up high in the hot air balloon, so always use them when you have them, and make sure you are able to find them. The hot air balloons will be tethered and it will allow you to get above the Wasteland and scope out the world using your binoculars. You need to make sure that you have a full 360 degree spin while you are looking around, and if you have points of interest, they will then be added to your map. The vantage points will also be travel points, so you can teleport to these points instantly after you make the ascent. You will also find out that it is easier to jump these long distances, so always use the balloons.

Listen to Chumbucket- When you are playing this game, it is important that you do listen to your companion Chumbucket. You might think that he is a little odd or weird, but he does have a lot of useful and helpful information to share with you. He will tell you about oncoming enemies, hidden treasures, and a lot of other things that you need to be aware of, and you should make sure you listen to him. In the beginning, you might not know what all of his warnings are and you might get confused, but if you just listen to him and do what he says, he will lead you in the right direction, which is useful if you have never played this game before or know much about the Wasteland. You can think of Chumbucket as your crazy weird friend you knew from high school, a little off mentally or maybe socially awkward, but very smart, and is someone who you want to keep around you because they know a lot and will help you get out of bad situations.

Find All Your Loot- You want to look at alternate pathways, rooms under the ramps, and also look for yellow ledges. All of these areas are possible loot locations, and you will notice that there is more loot there than at a scavenging location or a camp, which is it easier to find loot at. If you want to find that last piece of loot that might be hidden in an area, you are probably thinking too hard. You need to begin retracing your steps and looking around the corners, because these areas are often where the loot is hidden. Basically, a lot of times it could be hidden in plain sight. You will also find that the paint splatter is where you will find the hidden scrap. As you try to find the scrap, remember that the more obvious locations are where the scrap typically is, so if you begin looking high and low, you are probably way overthinking the entire issue. The loot is very important in this game, and you will soon find out that it can be easy to find if you just follow the clues that the game gives you, such as the paint splatter. You will want to make sure to collect all of the loot that you can because this loot is vital for you to get the upgrades you need, such as better cars, armor, and health, and these will be important later on in the game.

Use the Harpoon– Since we have already told you that in the beginning there is not that much ammo, you want to utilize all of the tools you have at your disposal in order to take out the cars that are coming your way. Throughout the journey, you will unlock more tools to help you out, but you will find out that the harpoon is the best tool to use to get rid of most of the cars. You will be able to take out other drivers out of the cars when you are at the lower levels, but once you upgrade the harpoon to level 4, you can then rip the tires off of their cars. Since you need tires to keep moving your car, you will find out that the enemies basically get stuck since their tires are blown off, and then you can go in and kill the enemies. The harpoon is going to be your best tool and best item you can use against the cars, even when you progress in the game and get other tools. Remember that shooting the tires off with the harpoon is probably going to be the best way that you can attack the higher level targets, since they are harder to just pull out of the cars.

If you follow these tips they will help you get through Mad Max and these tips will ensure that you are able to progress through the game with more ease than just jumping into the game. While these tips will help you out, they will not always ensure that you get through the Wasteland without problems. There are a lot of other tips that you can use as well, but you will find these tips are the best tips to use because they focus on the more important aspects of the game, such as loot, ammo, and helping you waste the enemies with more ease and accuracy. You also might find that some of these tips will help you more in the beginning of the game than the end of the game, but most of these tips can help you throughout the entire game. Although make sure that when you play the game, you also take in to account that there is a lot of other things you can do to increase your gaming experience too.

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