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Madden NFL 16 Ultimate Team Tips and Tricks

Madden NFL 16 was just released on August 25, 2015, and it is available for both Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. Madden 16 is packed with new features but one of the best features of Madden 16 is the Ultimate Team feature, which has been something that has stood out in the past few Madden games because people love the Ultimate Team feature. While the Ultimate Team feature is not new to Madden 16, it is the most beloved part of the game, and there are new additions to the Ultimate Team to make it even better this year. Between the new packs you can unlock to new legends you can add to your collection, the Ultimate Team feature is definitely one part of the game you want to play. Here are some of the best tips that you can use in order to create your Ultimate Team and make it better this year than it ever has been before.

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Utilize Madden Ultimate Team Rewards- While you might know that you can earn cards by completing certain in-game activities and getting accomplishments, such as winning Draft Champions Games, you can utilize the Madden Ultimate Team Rewards to get even more cards. In Madden 16, you can use the Ultimate Team Rewards, which is basically a program that allows you to earn more cards for your deck by signing up at MUT Rewards. For every pack you earn, you will get additional rewards, and an example of this would be opening 50 packs will get you a Pro Pack. If you open 250 packs then you will unlock an All-Pro pack. If you end up opening 1,000 packs, then you get Legendary status, since this is one of the highest regarded achievements in the game. You can also earn Loyalty Badges as part of the Madden Ultimate Rewards program, and you can redeem this in the Ultimate Team Mode for more packs, and you can also get contracts and layer items that you will be able to add to your collection as well. This will help improve your team statistics and will help you improve your game like never before. The best part about Madden Ultimate Team Rewards is that it is free to sign up, and you earn a lot of bonuses in the forms of cards and items to make it worth while.

Purchase Items Carefully– When you play Madden 16, it is not that hard to but unwanted cards up for sale in the Auction House, because you get more coins when you sell your unwanted cards to help you purchase the players you want. The issue is not putting your unwanted cards in the Auction House, but it is more about what players you want to choose when you get your coins from those cards selling. When you are ready to purchase some new players, you need to make sure that you are doing your homework on the players, and purchasing the items you want carefully. If you see a draft pick that you think will help out your team and boost the team stats, it makes sense that you check out that player and his numbers before you decide to make a bid. A lot of the hot commodity players will go quick anyways, and for quite the price, so you want to shop around because you could end up finding a better deal. You might think that the draft pick would be good for your team statistics, but when you get into the numbers of it, you might find out that the player isn’t worth the price, especially if it is a player that ends up not boosting your team statistics like you previously thought. Some of the Madden Ultimate Team players recently found some sleepers, which means they were great bargains for the game, including Saints Quarterback Drew Brees and Daryl Smith from the Baltimore Ravens. These sleepers are really the players you want to look for, and you always want to keep your eyes on the values of the players. Everyone will be going for that must-have card, but you want to keep shopping around because there might be some really hot deals out there you don’t know about. For instance, Brandon Marshall ends up being half the price of Von Miller, and statistically, they both are about the same in numbers. It would be wiser to choose Marshall over Miller, because if you are playing the numbers game, and they are both the same, then it makes more sense to save some money and get the better deal with Marshall.

Get NFL Legends On Your Team- While you might really like to have current players up on your team, you also want to make sure that you pay attention to the NFL legends too, because they are legends for a reason. The NFL legends are legends because they have really insanely good statistics and numbers, and you will find out these players will really boost your team and help you win games. The only bad part about the legends is that they are sometimes only available for a very limited time, such as some only being available for 24 hours. You always want to check out the store to see which players are available, and then look at how much time is left to purchase these legends. If there is some time left, you can think about how that legend would help your team before you purchase, and you could always offer the player up for a bid if you impulse buy the player and find out he wouldn’t work out for your team. One example of a legend you could use would be Bo Jackson, who was the quarterback for the Raiders, and is one of the legends in the NFL. You might find out that Jackson would really add to your team as the quarterback, but if you end up seeing he does not work out, just offer him up for bid later on and get some money back. You do not even have to get the legends that we have heard of either, because a lot of the older legends in the NFL are not as highly regarded by the public, but could end up doing wonders for your team. There is also the issue of people wanting to get the current popular players on their teams, which often will cost you a lot of money, and also might not get you the best bang for your buck. While current players are cool to have, throwing back to the legends will give you a unique team consisting of both new and old players, and you can end up doing better in the game this way since it basically is combining old school and new school techniques. You do not want to just have all of the popular current players on your team because you are not being unique, and you are not putting as much thought or strategy into it as if you put some legends into the game and let them help you score.

Be Willing to Experiment- When you are building your Ultimate Team or you already have it setup, you need to be willing to experiment with players. If you got your team all together and are in a couple games, but you are not happy with the quarterback, then do not be afraid to swap him out for another quarterback. Your goal is to find a team that really fits into the style of play that you want, such as having a team built on passing or a team built more on the running game. Some players might seem like they would help you out in either style, but you soon realize they are better with the opposite style, and it just does not fit what you are looking for. You should be willing to change out players in all positions, especially if you have went through a few games already, and you find yourself thinking that you are missing something or someone that could help you out. Even if you are new to Madden or you are a longtime skilled player, having the ability to experiment and not just stick to one player in the same position really is something you want to utilize to your advantage. The best players of Madden know that experimenting is crucial when it comes to building the best team that will help you do what you are trying to do, and it helps you find unique and new ways to build your team.

Try Out Your Cards First- When you begin Madden NFL 16, you will be dealt a hand of cards, and you want to try out those cards and then start to make adjustments. If you are new to Madden, then this is a good way to learn about how the game is played before you get into specifics. Moreover, using the cards you are dealt first helps you learn how Madden Ultimate Team works, and you will begin to figure out why people from all over find Ultimate Team mode to be the best feature out there. Underdogs will find proper places on the team, while hardcore players constantly are making bids for their favorite players, and this is all how the feature works to help you grab the players that can put points on the board for your team. Before you get into trading and bidding and grabbing up new players, use the cards you have been dealt because it is a good way to practice the game, learn the rules, and learn how to make proper adjustments. Since this is all about building a team, you want to learn the basics and learn how to build up the team you want with the style you want before you go into all of the specifics and details of the game.

Use Coach Suggestions If You’re New- If you have never played Madden before and start out playing Madden 16, you want to use the coach’s suggestions in the beginning. This is the best way to learn the different formations that you will use in the game, especially if you are not that familiar with the formations used in football. There is an option which is called Coach’s Suggestion, and just press this on the formation select screen. There will be an assistant coach that will choose some of the plays for you, and then explain why those formations and plays are worth trying out, such as that play was successful in the past or the opposing team struggles with that play. You want to go with those plays and formations starting out because you will end up learning which plays work the best for your team and which plays never seem to work out, and then that will help you put points on the board. Once you learn these plays and formations, you will eventually get to the point where you can manually select these plays later on and you will know the odds of it working out for you in crucial situations. Even if you watch NFL games every week, playing on Madden 16 is quite different, and there is way more strategy involved than you might even realize. You likely think you do not need to use the suggestions because you watch the games every week, but this is not true, and there is no harm or shame in using what the suggestions of the coach are, and it will help educate you about the plays and formations to make you that much better later on down the road.

Play the Gatorade Skills Trainer Mode- Even though this might not seem like an Ultimate Team mode tip, it is still important that you go through the Gatorade Skills Trainer mode, especially if this is your first Madden game. You should be going to this Skills Trainer immediately when you load up the game if you are new, even if you are a seasoned gamer it is always good to go back and get some training. There are 65 different training drills in this mode, and these drills will take you through all of the aspects of the game, from the basics to the in-depth formation tutorials. You will also see a section which goes through all of the new features of Madden 16, so even if you have played Madden before, this section is important because it shows you everything new to this particular game. This mode is also great because it goes into so much detail especially regarding the formations you can use, and this is crucial when it comes time for building your Ultimate Team. You should load up this mode immediately even as a veteran so that you can know the differences in Madden 16 compared to the prior games, and this can also help you when it comes time to do the auctions and make your team for the Ultimate Team mode experience.

Experience Draft Champions- While you can go through the Auction House when you are in Ultimate Team mode, you do not want to just use the Auction House to find players for your team. Since there are so many NFL players out there to choose from, you might have a hard time knowing which players it is worth picking up in the auctions, and you also might have a hard time knowing how much to spend on these players. This is why you can go into the Draft Champions, because you can discover new players in this area that you did not know about before. This mode will let you draft your own team which is based purely on randomly selected players, but they are all top quality, and then you will be challenged to beat as many teams as you can. You can use Draft Champions to basically give you a run through of the players available, and then if you like a particular player, you can use your coins in the Ultimate Team auction to purchase that player for the Ultimate Team mode.

Go Through Practice Games- When you start Madden 16, it is also a good idea to play the practice games, which are known as exhibition games. While the training drills are important because it will help you get used to the controls in the game, it is not the same because it cannot prepare you for the real games, and your players are likely to have errors than in the real games. If you want to get used to the actual game and how your controls will really work, then play the exhibition games, and make the matches on a Rookie difficulty. It is also easier to play as the New England Patriots, since they are one of the best NFL teams out there, and then match the Patriots with the Tennessee Titans, since they are the worst in the game. This means that if you do this match up, you will find it to be easy to win, and it helps you lean and focus on the controls more than the actual game. You can then move up in difficulty and progress into the harder teams as you gain experience. When you are in this mode, do not adjust the game sliders because you will not actually improve your mechanisms this way and you learn nothing. When you eventually play online, these game sliders will not be valid if you had adjusted them, and then you will have to relearn the game using the default mechanics. This is why you should not adjust the game sliders, because if you do when you are in the exhibition games, then it will just end up messing you up in the long run, and you will actually end up being hurt by this. If you are new to the game, then you could end up learning with the wrong mechanics if you adjust them, and it’s hard to unlearn something in Madden 16, so just leave those game sliders alone for now.


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