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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Tips and Tricks

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was released on September 1, 2015, and it is an open-world action adventure game that has gotten stellar reviews online from various expert gaming sources. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and Microsoft Windows. If you are looking for some tips and tricks to get you started with this game no matter which platform you are running The Phantom Pain on, here are some of the most vital tips and tricks, which can help you have more fun and enjoyment with this new game of the Metal Gear Solid series.

Import Your Own Music- If you are playing Metal Gear Solid V on the computer, you can actually import your own music playlist. If you would like to import your own tunes into the game, go into the game directory and then look for the “Custom Soundtrack” folder. You can drag and drop your music files right into this folder, and then it will appear within the iDroid’s cassette tapes menu. The coolest part about this is that you can even use your own music and set this as your chopper music, and this really brings a cool customization to the game that you never had before.

Watch for Checkpoints- When you are playing Metal Gear Solid V, make sure that you are aware of the checkpoints, because there are no manual saves in this game. Since there are no manual saves, you need to pin all your hopes on the auto-save system, and the game has been having some issues with this since the release. When you see the yellow “saving” marker on the top right of the screen, this is where you need to go for the checkpoint, and you might have a hard time finding some of the checkpoints in the game. Sometimes the bases are tricky and complicated, so try to get to the checkpoint before you go into battle, because if you have not auto-saved in a while, then you will wind up having to replay the mission or combat because the game will set you back quite a bit when you come back to life. It might take you a while to know where to look for the checkpoints, but just keep your eyes open and you will quickly figure it out, but don’t get discouraged if you miss one or two here and there.

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Recruit an Interpreter ASAP- You will soon realize that one of the first side operation missions unlocks an “Extract Interpreter” who is Russian. You want to make sure that you make it a priority to recruit this soldier because you will need this soldier pretty early on since you have to interrogate the captured Soviet guards. You also will need to listen in on their conversations, and that is hard to do when you do not know what they are saying, and this could lead to you missing a lot of important intelligence information you need for the game. You will also need to take the enemies and then try to get information out of them, and this interrogation is crucial for the gameplay and it will become more common as you progress through the game. These enemies will give you the locations of the R&D blueprints and mark comrades in the game with some stats on your map, and will give you other much-needed information, so ensure that you grab a recruiter so you are not missing out on this intelligence since that can throw off your whole game. Also it is important that you get your recruiter within the first hour of the game, because if you do not get the recruiter sooner than later, you might be missing out on intelligence that could benefit you greatly, especially if this is your first go around with the Metal Gear Solid series.

Plan Attacks- While playing Metal Gear Solid V, you will need to begin planning out your attacks, and this means you need to use your binoculars in order to tag the enemies. You will want to know where all of your enemies are before you try to sneak around the encampments, and one of the biggest rewards in this game is based on how stealthy you are. If you are not planning your attacks and using binoculars to spot the enemies, then you will have a harder time trying to be sneaky and stealthy, and it will also help you when it comes time to trying to get through your objectives.

Never Impulse Upgrade– In Metal Gear Solid V, you also will need to plan your upgrades out with skill and thought, and this means that you should not be upgrading just on an impulse. Within an hour or two into the game, you will find out that there are a lot of items and weapons you get, and these items go to your research team back at the Mother Base to work on. You might want to spend resources to make new items, like rocket launchers, but do not spend resources upgrading quite yet. You want to really upgrade the Fulton, which can help you carry more binoculars and items, and this will then help you scope out the enemies and complete the objectives in a better fashion. As you move through the game, you will find out that just upgrading items and weapons without thinking it through will hurt you because this game relies on you finding enemies and capturing them for intelligence, so just making new weapons is going to get you no where in terms of a lot of your objectives.

Capture Many People- In this game, you can send people back to the Mother Base and brainwash them in order to be able to recruit them into your army, and this is why it is important to capture as many people as you can. You want to capture many people so that you can get them on your side, and this is really easy to do. You just knock the enemy out and then attach a Fulton balloon to them, which will send them back to your base immediately, but only if the weather conditions are good. You do have to be careful though because if an enemy soldier spots you, then they can shoot down your balloon, so just make sure that no enemies are around that can spot you and take down your balloon. You want to do this as often as you can though, and even though your Fulton balloon stock is limited, you can get more from the Mother Base as often as you need them. This means that you should not worry about running out of balloons since you can get more whenever you need them, and if you need balloons, just call in some more and wait in the back until the are delivered.

Return to the ACC Immediately- You have just finished up a mission and want to return to the aerial base, but don’t call in Perquod. This takes both a lot of time and will cost quite a bit of CMP, so instead you just need to bring the pause menu up, and then hit “return to ACC” and you will then be immediately transported. This is the best way to get to the aerial base because it does not cost you anything and there is no way you can be stopped or interrupted since you are just doing an immediate transport.

Play Offline- You might think that you should only be playing online during Metal Gear Solid V, but this is not true, and in fact, you want to play offline. While you are playing in the online multiplayer mode, you will construct a Forward Operating Base, called an FOB, in this game, and you can allocate resources and soldiers to help you construct your Forward Operating Base. The issue is that even if you are offline, you are open to attack from the other players, and this basically could make you lose your important Mother Base staff. The top Mother Base staff are the ones that you spent a lot of money and time to capture these people. What you want to do is pause the game and disconnect from the game as soon as you start it, and make sure that before the end of mission 22, disconnect yourself. This basically will prevent you from being forced into building the Forward Operating Base and having to play in the mode that can be very detrimental to your staff and gameplay. This might be patched up soon as the game moves forward, but for now, playing offline and disconnecting is the best way to ensure you do not lose your soldiers and resources.

Always Listen to Cassette Tapes– It is very important in this game that you listen to the cassette tapes that you collect while you are playing The Phantom Pain. You can listen to all of these cassette tapes on your iDroid, and it is something you really should be doing throughout the time you are playing the game. Basically these cassette tapes are like a codec conversation from the previous games in the Metal Gear Solid series, and it can give you a lot of good information and intelligence when it comes to playing the game.

Watch Out for Decoy Soldiers- A lot of enemy bases will use decoy soldiers, which are basically just blow-up dolls that look like the real soldiers. These decoy soldiers will really get into your head because you will think these are a bunch of real soldiers coming at you, but really they do not have any skills. If you look in your binoculars, you will notice that they are fake decoy soldiers, but you need the scanner upgrade in order to realize this, so just keep your eyes open so you know what soldiers are real and what ones are fake. You also might want to make sure you know the difference because you do not want to think it is a decoy soldier and ignore it, when in reality, it is a real soldier coming for you.

Always Use Your Binoculars– Since we are on the topic, it is important to tell you that you really should be using your binoculars like all of the time. The binoculars are going to be the most important item you use in the game, and the Snake’s binoculars are really the ones you want to get, because you can use these ones for reconnaissance nearly everywhere in the game. Not only do you want to use the Snake’s binoculars to scope out the paths and bases in the game, but also because you can see enemies really good with them, and then you can tag the enemies with a red arrow so that you know where the enemies are no matter where you are in the game. Before you even get the thought of trying to sneak through an outpost, you want to tag all of the guards, because you will more than likely get caught by a soldier from behind, and that just is all bad. This is one reason why you need to always have your binoculars with you and use them, because you have to spot the guards and you have to be aware of your surroundings before you try to sneak through any of the outposts. A good part about all of this is that even if you get caught and end up dying, you will still have your tags show up when you come back to life and the tags will stay on the enemy throughout the entire mission no matter how many times you die.

Always Look at Skills of Enemy Before Recruiting– While on the topic of enemies, it is also a good idea that when you are about to recruit an enemy, you check out their skills. You will need to get the scanner upgrade as one of your first upgrades in Metal Gear Solid V, which basically gives you the chance to evaluate the skills, stats, and special abilities of the enemy soldiers. You can see how the enemy soldiers perform in all of the various departments, and they will have a ranking by letters, with A++ being the best and E being not so great. As you progress in the game and get near the middle of the game, you can ignore the unremarkable ones, but always grab up the enemies who have an A or higher ranking on whatever skill or stat you are looking at. It does make a lot of sense because you do not want to pick up enemy soldiers who are bad or who wouldn’t be useful to you in that department you need help, so if someone sucks at a specific ability, then they aren’t going to be helpful and help you succeed on your mission. Just like in real life, you want to get the best people for the job, and you want to make sure that the person you are trying to recruit has the skills needed for that mission or opportunity.

Dusk is Better for Missions- Every time you go out on a new mission when you are being dropped from the chopper, you will have the chance to select when you want to be dropped off. You can choose from right now, dawn, or dusk, and it is important that you know what the best time is for these missions. It is best to go in at dusk, which is night time, and this is really the best time if you are trying to maintain being stealthy because the guards are more likely to not notice you when it is dark outside compared to daylight hours. It makes sense, if you were in real life going to sneak into a house or going to harm someone, you will be more likely to get away with it and not get noticed when it is dark outside. Some fortifications will have floodlights to try to combat the stealth abilities, but there is only a limited area where these floodlights work, and that means the power supply can easily be cut off.

Play Around With Weapons– In Metal Gear Solid V, just like with the other series of games, do not be scared to blow things up and play around with the weaponry. Some of the previous games would punish you if you are not stealthy enough, but this game really gives you a thumbs-up if you want to just play around with weapons and blow up things. You can use grenade launchers, C4, sniper rifles, shotguns, and just about every other weapon you can imagine, and never be scared to blow things up and use them whenever you want. Since you are given all of these items in the game, you should be using them and playing around with them, and don’t let these items go to waste. Obviously, sometimes it is better to be stealthy, but there are also times in the game where you will want to just blow things up and just drop a bomb so to speak. The old saying is, if you are going to drop a bomb, might as well be a nuke, which means just let it all go and blow it all up.

Switch Up Tactics- When you are playing this game, you might think that the tranquilizer gun is the best option for all situations, but even though this is an effective strategy for most situations, you need to begin switching up tactics and weapons. If you use the same item over and over again, the enemies will start to notice this and then basically be able to call out your number in every situation. It would be like if you are playing football and you keep calling the same play over and over, this just isn’t a good strategy because the other team will know what you are going to do and then plan for it. You want to use grenades, smoke guns, rifles, and other guns or weapons, and not just use the same weapon repeatedly. It also is more fun because if you use the same item over and over, you get bored, so switching it up gives you some more enjoyment and entertainment in the game. You will find yourself having a lot more fun when you begin playing around with the weapons and using various tactics because it adds another element to the game, and also it means you have to come up with new strategies on your own. Plus, some missions might require you to use other tactics, and if you never have done it before, then you probably will die trying to get through the objective, so you want to be skilled in a lot of other strategies and tactics.

These are just some of the most useful tips and tricks for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, although there are plenty more tips out there that can help you out. If you go through the game using these tips and tricks, you will find out that you will be able to get through the game easier and you will really enjoy the game since you have some idea of what you need to do or how you need to do it in order to move on in the game. Since this is a new game, don’t be upset if you find some errors or glitches in the game either, because that is likely to happen with a new game, whether you play on the Playstation or Xbox or you are playing via your computer. These glitches will end up getting worked out as patches come out for the game and more people find the bugs and report them, so just hang tight and enjoy the game using these tips.

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