Poll Shows Donald Trump Would Beat Hillary Clinton in Election

A new poll from SuveyUSA is showing that Donald Trump is beating Hillary Clinton if the two went head-to-head in the presidential election. This means that Trump has a clear shot right to the White House, beating Clinton 45 percent to 40 percent, and 16 percent of voters remain undecided. This is one of the first ever polls to show Trump actually winning against the likely Democratic candidate Clinton.


Trump actually wins a good share of the non-white base, which is usually something the Democrats end up getting. 25 percent of African-Americans would vote for Trump, along with 31 percent of Hispanics, and 41 percent of the Asian vote. This is huge because the “non-white” group and the “people of color” group has always been a more Democratic leaning group, mostly due to the social programs Democrats tend to offer these underprivileged in exchange for their vote. Some of these programs the Democrats tend to use to secure that vote include amnesty, food stamps, and free aide or healthcare for people who cannot afford it. So it is really huge that the non-whites and even blacks are beginning to see that the Democrats are not doing anything positive for their groups, and might even be harming them for generations to come with all of the social government programs.

For the establishment Republicans this could spell disaster because even though Trump is currently the Republican front-runner, a lot of the establishment hates Trump and his non-politically correct viewpoints. The new poll is showing that there will be more votes for the Republicans in the lower-wage Hispance group, and then more donations will come in from the investors who then end up paying the Republican consultants, advertising executives, and pollsters. Trump is going against the establishment of the Republican party by talking about building a border wall to stop illegal aliens from coming into the country from Mexico, and also is touting a repatriation program for the American-trained undocumented workers, which affects millions of people. Trump also wants to stop outsourcing jobs, including cutting down the estimated 700,000 guest-workers that many Fortune 500 companies are using.

Trump also said that he wants labor-supply reform, which would create jobs for Americans and also lower profits and raise the wages of millions of Americans. Trump is hoping that his vision to bring jobs back home will help get him more support among the often-jobless Americans that are usually lower wage workers, and who are often out of work or jobless. In 2012, Mitt Romney, who was the Republican nominee, only won 27 percent of the Hispanic vote, and only 6 percent of blacks voted for him. These two groups were the hardest hit by the bipartisan support for the cheaper government-dependent migrant workers. If Trump wants to win, he is going to be facing an uphill battle though, especially when it comes to winning the undecided voters, who are in this latest poll about 16 percent of voters. SurveyUSA polled about 1,000 Americans, including 900 registered voters, and the poll did not show any skew for either Trump or Clinton.

The poll did show though that Trump did reverse the gender gap for the Republicans, putting about 10 percent more in his favor, which is huge considering the previous sex-gap between Republicans and Democrats. Trump had a 15-point lead when it came to the men and only a 5-point disadvantage when it came to the women. When you look at Romney in 2012, there was a 7-point advantage with the men but there was a huge 11-point disadvantage with the women, which led to a 4-point sex-gap. Clinton did however do well with the younger people, winning the people under age 35 by 19 points. Trump wins all of the other three older demographics though, and won all three by about 15 points. The people who had four-year college degrees also voted for Trump, and his advantage there was 8 points. The people who had some college education also sided with Trump, and that was by 13 points. Clinton only got the high school voters, which is often the less educated group of Americans, and she won that with a 44 percent to 35 percent result. When it came to the swing voters who are moderate, Trump won that 42 percent to 38 percent.

The poll showed that Clinton won the West, but only by 2 points, and won the Northeast only by 4 points. Trump did get the swing states in the Midwest though by a huge amount, 49 percent to 31 percent. Trump also won when the survey looked at the other possible candidates for the Democrats, such as Joe Biden. What this survey showed is that while Clinton is still increasing in the unfavorable department, the number of unfavorable opinions of Trump are going down, which is great for the Republicans.

Clinton is having a lot of trouble and is getting more unfavorable opinions due to her email scandal, in which she used a private email address on a private server to send classified information and emails while she was secretary of state under Barack Obama. This scandal with her emails is leading to more people feeling like they cannot trust her or what she says, even though so far, there has not been any evidence to point to her doing anything legally wrong. People are beginning to realize that Clinton is not a good representation for the Democratic Party because she has been caught in numerous scandals within the past few years, including the wiping of hard drives and emails, and also she has not been able to recover from where this all started, which was Benghazi. If Trump continues to get more favorable opinions, then the Democrats are going to need to look at someone else to run against him, such as Biden or Elizabeth Warren, because Clinton right now seems to continue to nosedive in the polls, and this could spell a big loss for the Democrats come November 2016.

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