Ronda Rousey Won’t Be Fighting For Long

Ronda Rousey does not hold back on any questions.

She has made comments on Mayweather and her many opponents, who have all promised to beat her but all have failed.

But on the latest episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, the talented fighter revealed her plans for the future. The 28 year old star revealed that her fighting career may soon be coming to an end. She added that she doesn’t want to be fighting in her 30s, and by 30s she meant like, 31, 32.

She went on to say that her UFC career is still unfinished. She looked as focused as ever speaking about it too. Rousey is currently 12-0 and has ended the majority of her fights early.

She is still young but is already talking about retirement, so those who like her style better watch her fights because she won’t be doing this for long. It’s not like Rousey needs to, she has dominated most of her matches and is getting calls from Hollywood. The undefeated star has already made appearances in big movies and events. Rousey recently appeared in Fast 7 and the scene was all about fighting, which is what she does best. She also made an appearance in Wrestlemania a few Ronda Rouseymonths ago. She is already considered one of the biggest stars in UFC history, so what else is there to do?

Next Match

Rousey is booked for a match against Holly Holm at the Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia later this year. But fans haven’t stopped asking when she is going to fight Cyborg.

Cyborg would have to drop to 135 pounds because she currently fights at 145. But Cyborg has yet to fight in the biggest stage, despite being part of Invicta FC. Many think she would be the biggest match for Rousey but until she makes 135, nothing will happen.

Thoughts On Cyborg

Rousey has not been a fan of her since she failed a drug test a few years ago and gave her thoughts on why it probably won’t happen. The drug test showed she was using anabolic steroid stanozolol. Rogan talked about how it is used for keeping size while trying to lose weight. Rousey added that Cyborg needs to feel like she somehow has an advantage and that her best isn’t good enough.

Retirement wouldn’t be so bad for Rousey, Hollywood would keep calling and she would probably turn into a star in a few years, just like The Rock. But she still has a few years left before the talks start coming up again and who knows, she might change her mind.

Rousey meets Holly Holm on November 15. Will this end in the first round or is Holly going to put up a bigger fight that then others? Let us know in the comments.