Some of The Little But Amazing Fallout 4 Features

Fallout fans can’t wait for the next title, most of them have already pre-ordered the game, which promises to be one of the best if not the best of the year. The fifth major installment in the Fallout series is less than two months away from its release and many can’t wait to get their hands on the title after what they saw in the trailer and gameplay.

The wasteland and just about everything looks so good, so good that this could end up being the title that gains mainstream appeal. It’s crazy that Fallout is rarely mentioned in the same sentence as GTA, Call of Duty, Uncharted and Halo, but that should change in November.

Bethesda has been revealing more and more about the upcoming title these last few weeks, making gamers wish they could fast forward time to finally play Fallout 4. The new features and gameplay innovations have impressed all of us but here we’ll talk about a few that are being overlooked.

The Weather

We already know that Fallout 4 will have a gigantic and dangerous wasteland but there is more to that. On top of the many threats, gamers are going to have to watch out for dynamic weather systems. There are few theories being posted on several forums dedicated to Fallout that say Bethesda is holding back on showing more about the game because they want to surprise players on launch day. Are we going to be affected by the sandstorms, rain or whatever the wasteland throws at us?

Vehicular Travel

FlyingNot much is known on vehicles but Bethesda has talked about the Vertibird, the military helicopter that gets blown up in the pre-release footage. The use of the helicopter will be similar to what we see in Metal Gear Solid. You can’t hop in and take control like in Battlefield but you can summon it with a smoke grenade, hop in and get on the side cannons.

It could be a great way to get out of a difficult situation.

Melee Animations

The game wants you to give melee weapons a chance with brand new animations, connect them and you’ll probably enjoy that more than pulling out your guns and getting rid of the threat easily. The melee animations look incredible with the new combat engine, so give your guns a break once in a while to appreciate the improvements.

Dogmeat Commands

Dogmeat is the best companion you can have while walking around in the wasteland, so Bethesda is making sure you get close to him from the start. You can now tell him to tackle, disarm, pick up a weapon, and even kill an enemy.

As other games have shown us in the past, exploring is much better when you’re accompanied by an animal.

Power Armor

Some fans like the power armor and some don’t. No one knows just how good it’s going to be but it willF4 Trailer probably give you a huge advantage over the opposition. Let’s hope that the power armor doesn’t come too early in the game or is too powerful to take the enjoyment of surviving a gunfight away. If delivered at the right time, the power armor could be a solid addition.

These are just a few of the hundreds of new features and improvements to the game, we’ll know all 44 days from now. Fallout 4 hits stores on November 10, 2015.