Taxi Drivers In Brazil Protest Against Uber Once Again, Company Launches UberENGLISH

The protests keep on coming.

This is becoming a daily thing for the ride sharing service, especially in Brazil, where thousands of drivers are blocking roads.

The protest is taking place in Brazil’s largest city, Sao Paulo, as city officials are planning to get rid of the service. The city has 12 million people and Uber is quickly becoming a favorite over there. The decision would have to be approved by the mayor, Fernando Haddad.

A few months ago, the city council gave 48 of 49 votes to get rid of ride sharing services such as Uber.

Rio de Janeiro’s city council has already voted to get rid of the service, but its mayor has to approve for the decision to go through.

A week ago, Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff told each city to decide if they want to keep the smartphone based services. In her statement, she also said Uber is complicated because it takes jobs away from people, which is nothing new since most of the protests are from taxi drivers who say Uber is killing their business.

The protests against the service have increased these last few months. Last month, Brazilian drivers assaulted a driver working for Uber, forcing city officials to discuss the smartphone based services. People around the world have protested against Uber recently but Brazil seems to be on top when it comes to showing its discontent. With Dilma Rousseff’s most recent statement, the service could be on its way out, despite the approval of the citizens who like what Uber offers.

Now let’s talk about the good news but in another South American country.


Uber AppUber users in Colombia will soon be able to order an English speaking driver, through a service called UberENGLISH. The option, similar to specialty sub services like UberXL or UberBlack, would let users order drivers certified as English speakers. The new idea has already attracted more than 1,000 Uber drivers. If certified, the drivers will earn more money. The service will soon spread to nearby countries if it all goes well.

To make this happen, Uber made a partnership with the language training app Duolingo. The app offers language lessons and will certify drivers at its office. The test usually costs $20 but the ride sharing app has agreed to pay for all the drivers who take their time to get certified.

Uber has joined forces with several companies recently, a few weeks ago, it teamed up with smartphone maker Xiaomi to deliver new devices to peoples doors. The offer was only for a few days but many of its users got their new smartphone or tablet in less than two hours.

The company is also said to be discussing partnerships with retailers and fashion brands to have its drivers deliver products. The service even offered ice cream to its users in New York. It lasted only two days but the service has already done it in past years, so this probably won’t be the last time.