Texas High School Players Say Referee Involved In Tackling Incident Used Racial Slurs

Officials met earlier today with the San Antonio school district, this after two football players tackled a referee during a high school game.

Brian Woods, the superintendent of the school district, said an assistant coach, who some say told the players to take action, has been placed on leave.

Woods added that the two suspended students and members of the football team will have a disciplinary hearing soon. The district will also file a complaint on the referee about the use of racial slurs.

The Texas Association of Sports Officials, who will look at the complaint, didn’t return a call from the Associated Press.

TackleWoods said if a racial slur was really directed at the two players, the correct way to handle it would have been telling the other referees. Stan Laing, the athletic director of the district, hopes that the shocking incident serves as a learning experience.

Mack Breed, an assistant coach at John Jay, was placed on administrative leave for telling the players to take action. According to a statement from the school district, he allegedly told the players that the referee needed to pay for cheating them.

This morning, a member of the Marble Falls Police Department said the investigation of the two players involved in the incident will take at least one week. If charges are filed, it could be for misdemeanor assault, but that’s far from happening since the incident just happened.

Friday’s Game

The school district did say they’re treating the incident as an assault on a school official, which could lead to expulsion for the two players. The incident, which can be seen on video, shows the two players tackling the referee. One of them tackled him away from the play and the other threw himself at him when he was down on the ground. The shocking incident happened during a game Friday between John Jay and Marble Falls High School.

The two players have already been identified and were suspended right after the video surfaced. Woods released a statement saying they are heartbroken over what happened during the game. He added that the incident is shameful and is something that does not reflect what the school and district are.

The NFL also gave their thoughts on the incident, saying things like this against any game official at any level are inexcusable. They also added that they support the suspension of the two and would like to see a full and complete investigation.


  1. I think crying racist after doing something like this is pretty sorry. It may be true, it may not be true, but now it just looks like you are trying to discredit the ref after you did something awful. We all know there are plenty of ways to protest peacefully when somebody is racist or unfair. The team could have walked off the field in protest. Instead they decided to take care of him themselves. Originally the story was that these players were mad at the ref for ejecting their team mates from the game. Now after the fact they cry racist and expect sympathy? Too late fellas. You hit a defenseless person in the back, you could have caused him serious injury. You deserve the criminal charges coming to you.