Is Zack Greinke Leaving The Dodgers?

Zack Greinke’s time with the Dodgers could soon come to an end. According to several sources, the 31 year old is set to opt out of his contract and will test the free agent market soon.

It is not official just yet, but this was seen as an option before the Dodgers were eliminated. If Greinke does opt out, he would leave the final three years, worth $71 million, of his deal with the club. That’s a lot of money for a pitcher who is close to turning 32, but Greinke had a huge year and believes there’s a chance of landing an even bigger deal in the free agent market.

Some see the star pitcher landing at least a five year deal worth over $120 million. Most teams would not consider giving him a huge deal if he stays with Zach Greinkethe Dodgers for the rest of his contract, which ends when he is 35. His decision is not because he is tired of losing or is mad at the team, it’s simply a business move. It also doesn’t mean that he will leave the Dodgers, the club has shown recently that it has a lot of money to spend. The Dodgers became the first team in MLB earlier this year to have a payroll of more than $300 million.

The Dodgers will most likely try to keep Greinke if he decides to opt out. But there are a few others waiting to see what happens, mostly those in need of great pitching. The Red Sox, Cubs, Giants, Yankees, Blue Jays, Tigers, Rangers and Cardinals are all said to be interested in the pitcher.

Greinke had a huge regular season and will probably listen to offers from all of the teams, including the ones who don’t offer the chance of winning right away.

Other Pitchers Testing Free Agency

The star pitcher won’t be alone in free agency. David Price is set to become a free agent after the playoffs and Johnny Cueto will also be available, both were big acquisitions a few months ago and will get big money. Price is 30 and Cueto is 29, so they could end up getting the bigger offers when free agency starts. They are also still in the playoffs, which means they can showcase their talents a little longer and who knows, maybe even win a World Series title before they test the market.

Greinke will have teams lining up if he opts out, he is a three time All-Star, two time MLB ERA leader and a one time AL Cy Young Award winner. He finished the regular season with a 19–3 record, 200 strikeouts and a major league best 1.66 ERA. At one point of the season, Greinke pitched 35 23 consecutive scoreless innings. His free agent contract with the club back in 2013 was the largest ever signed by a right-handed pitcher at the time, will he get a bigger offer this time around?