San Francisco: Last Gun Store Will Soon Close Its Doors

San Francisco has one gun store and it will soon close its doors. They say they’ve had enough of the increased gun control regulations and all the opposition.

Steve Alcairo, High Bridge Arms manager announced on social media less than a month ago that the store would close its doors.

Alcairo said it all started this summer, when a local politician proposed a law that would require the shop to video record every gun sale and send in a weekly report to the police. The proposal has not been approved just yet but if given the thumbs up, the law would join the long list of gun control ordinances in the area.

Alcairo and the High Bridge Arms owner are tired, after going up against restrictions for years.

The announcement of the gun store closing down has not been well received by gun enthusiasts. Many of them have taken social media to give their thoughts on the proposal. The store has seen its sales rise these last few days, with customers looking to get guns at discounted prices.

The rifles on the store’s walls and the handguns in the glass cases are selling fast. The shop is also selling its t-shirts, which say High Bridge is The Last San Francisco Gun Store, just as fast as its guns.

The High Bridge Arms store survived for quite some time, despite the tons of restrictions by local lawmakers and campaigns asking for its closure. The store stood out in the Bernal Heights neighborhood, an area with good parks and numerous restaurants.

Store Closing October 31

Alcairo confirmed that the store will close at the end of the month. Supervisor Mark Farrell heard of the store’s announcement and said he didn’t understand why they decided to close before the final decision was made. Farrell says he introduced the bill to help police combat crime in the city and finished by saying that it is comical that the store is blaming its closure on a proposed law that is months away from happening.

Alcairo said the proposal, which was introduced three months ago, slowed sales because customers wrongly believed their purchases would be recorded and then handed over to police. He added that the store had to let go of three clerks and that sales were not good during the summer. The store’s slow sales during the summer come at a time where the overall sales of guns in the state are on the rise.

Guns Sold Last Year

The California Department of Justice reported that 931,000 guns were sold in 2014. That is three times the number registered ten years ago and second highest number since the department started keeping records almost 25 years ago.

The owner of the store and Alcairo have faced the opposition and restrictions for years, but the two are done battling. Alcairo grew up near the store and says he is disappointed with what the city is doing.

The store opened back in 1952 and was sold to Andy Takahashi in 1988. The previous owner, Champion pistol shooter Bob Chow, represented the United States in the summer Olympics in London four years before he decided to open it.