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Xiaomi Mi5 Coming In December or January?

The Xiaomi Mi5, the next flagship phone from one of the biggest smartphone makers in the world, is said to be coming soon. The company already has the Mi4 I and C models, which have caught the attention of many markets. The two models come with good specs and an affordable price, with both being below $300. The Xiaomi Mi5 is expected to match what its competitors have and the company still has some time to add what the users are asking for.

The Xiaomi Mi5 is set to be released in December or January 2016. There are plenty of rumors about the device right now because the company has not said much about their next flagship phone. Even with the little information, fans of Xiaomi phones are excited about the device, which will probably come with a price tag well below its competitors.


In the last few months, rumors about the price have surfaced and many are already saving to get their hands on a Mi5. It is rumored that the device will come with the same price tag as its predecessor, $320 for the base model and $400 for the high-end. Those are pretty good prices compared to other high-end devices. There is not much difference from the handsets Xiaomi offers to its competitors, the company uses high quality materials in the manufacturing process and adds Xiaomi Phoneits own MIUI 7 interface to the phones.

The Xiaomi Mi5 is not official yet, but several sources have already started leaking information about the design and hardware. The premium design is said to feature Gorilla Glass 4 with a 5.2 inch display. The new Snapdragon 820 chipset is set to come soon and it is believed to be part of the Xiaomi Mi5 hardware. RAM is said to be 4GB and internal storage 16GB. The storage might not be enough for some but the company could release a model with more. A fingerprint sensor is also going to be part of the setup, according to PhoneArena. The sensor will most likely be in the home button.

Camera and Battery

There are plenty of rumors about the camera too. Some say a 13MP camera with flash and a 5 MP frontal camera is what’s coming with the Mi5. Others think Xiaomi will go with the 16MP camera. Battery life is also part of the rumors and is expected to be larger than 3000 mAh.

Xiaomi won’t stay quiet for long, so we’ll know more about the device in the next few weeks. The company is currently focusing on its laptop but they are not staying away from the smartphones, which have made them a giant in just a few years.

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