2015 Veterans Day Deals – Recreation and Travel List

Since Veterans Day is on November 11, you might be interested in what types of deals are out there for current or former veterans. There are many deals to be had in quite a few different areas, which in this case includes discounts and offers for recreation and travel. So if you are wondering what are the deals for veterans day her is a list of things you can do at a substantial discount as an activy duty member, veteran, and sometimes even as a dependent or family member.

Here are the deals you should know about for Veterans Day when it comes to travel and recreation.

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2015 Veterans Day Recreation and Travel Deals:

9/11 Memorial Museum- If you are a veteran, you can get free admission into the museum through November 11. This is a great offer because this is a place of healing and remembrance for all those who have fought over the years for our freedoms.

Army Corp of Engineers Recreation Areas– If you are a veteran, active duty, or reserves member of the military, you and your family can get a free day at the USACE-operated recreational areas. This offer is nationwide and available on November 11 only. This is a really cool way to spend the day with your friends and family, and the day use fee is waived which is nice.

B&Bs for Vets– Innkeepers are being invited to the 2015 B&B for Vets program, and this means you can get one free room on November 11. This is an okay deal, but one you might not qualify for pretty easily if you are not an innkeeper.

Birmingham Zoo- If you are retired or an active military member, dependents and the veterans will get a free admission on November 11. This offer is great if you live near the Birmingham Zoo and have children.

Boston Bruins- On November 12, which is Military Appreciation Night, all members of the military can get 20% off at the ProShop or at FanZone locations, but this is only the night of the game. This is a cool offer if you are into the Boston Bruins or sports in general.

Boston Duck Tours- If you are a military service personnel member, you can get free rides all week this week in honor of Veterans Day. Through November 13 this offer runs, and children and spouses are eligible for a $10 per person ticket. This is a special discount that you will love if you are in the Boston area.

Colonial Williamsburg– Veterans, reservists, active duty, and retirees all will get a free Colonial Williamsburg admission ticket through Veterans Day. This also goes for the direct dependents as well, so everyone can get in for free through November 11.

Discovery Times Square– If you are near Times Square and are active military or retired, you can visit Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N for free, and this offer is November 11 only. If you live around Times Square, then definitely check out this cool offer, especially if you have kids or like comic books.

Harley-Davidson Museum- If you are a veteran or active military member, you and your family can get free admission into the Harley-Davidson Museum through November 11. This is a really cool and good deal because this museum is one that you should check out at least once in your lifetime.

harley museum

Jefferson Lines- If you are a veteran, you can get free travel through November 15. If you have a Jefferson Lines near you, then this is a great offer because a free ride is a free ride, and it is all week long.

Killington Resort- Killington Resort is offering Honorably Discharged, Retired, and Active Duty military members a free lift ticket on November 11. This is a great deal because a free lift ticket is a cool way to get into the resort and see what all they have to offer.

Kingsmill Resort- Retired veterans, active military, and their spouses can all get a 25% discount on standard rates from November 9 until March 15, 2016. You need to book your reservation before November 13 to get this deal though, so it is a good deal just make sure you book by November 13.

Knotts Berry Farm– If you are an active duty service member or veteran you can get free admission to Knotts Berry Farm, and also get a free admission for a guest too. You also get 6 tickets at a discounted price from November 1 until December 20, so this is a great deal if you live near Knotts Berry Farm and have family or friends you want to take with you.

LEGOLAND Florida- If you are a veteran, you can get free admission into LEGOLAND Florida through November 22. You also get 50% off of up to 6 tickets, which is a really cool deal for you and your family if you are near LEGOLAND.

Mariners’ Museum-On November 11, all military personnel will get a special $5 admission into the Mariners’ Museum. If you are a Mariners fan then this is a deal you cannot pass up as that is a good deal off regular price.

Mount Vernon– Former, retired and active duty military can get free admission into Mount Vernon on November 11. If you live near Mount Vernon then this is a great deal because who doesn’t like free admission?

National Parks- Over 100 National Parks will be offering veterans free admission into the parks on November 11, and all of these parks typically require you to pay to get in. This is a huge deal because these are beautiful parks all over the country, and veterans should take advantage of the free admission.

National Veterans Day Run– On November 11, there is a National Veterans Day run, and if you are active duty or a veteran, you can get entry into the race at a reduced-rate. You also get a discount for your spouses and children who are between 13 and 18-years-old. If you want to do something fun and outdoors on Veterans Day, then this is an awesome offer, even if you have to pay a little to get in.

Queen Mary- If you are a retired or active duty military personnel then you can get free admission into Queen Mary on November 11. Veterans also can get discounts for family members on this day as well, so it is a good deal if you are near Queen Mary.

Red Roof Inn- If you are a veteran or active duty military member, you can get a 15% off discount at Red Roof Inn through the month of November, and that includes your family too. This is a great offer if you are a traveler or want to travel somewhere this month with your family.

RTC- If you are a veteran or active service member you can get free rides on RTC Transit fixed-route services. This offer is only available from 12 am until 11:59 pm on November 11, and it is a good deal if you have an RTC transit near you.

Southampton Inn- Between November 11 and November 20, you can get a $100 nightly rate stay if you are a veteran. This is a cool deal because it extends an extra 9 days which gives you time to plan your trip and stay at Southampton Inn.

Station Casinos- Active military and veterans can get a free buffet meal on November 11 at all Feast and Festival Buffet locations in the country. This is a really sweet deal because who does not like free food?

UFC Gym- Between November 11 and November 15, if you are a veteran or active duty service member you can get free total gym access, and you can get this for your family too. This is at participating UFC Gym locations, and there is also a special Basic Training Daily Ultimate Training class on November 14 that you can participate in as well. If you have a UFC Gym near you, then this is a great way to get in shape and spend time with your family.

ufc gym

Westgate Resorts- The first 2,500 eligible service members on November 11 who complete an online military appreciation form will get a free three-day and two-night vacation. Even veterans who do not qualify still get 25% off, so this is a great deal if you are planning a trip coming up.

World of Coca-Cola- Retirees, active duty, and reserve military members get free admission everyday throughout the year. November 5 through November 15, Armed Forces members also an get four half-price general admission tickets. This is a wonderful deal for veterans who want to see the World of Coca-Cola.

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