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5 Best First Date Ideas in Minneapolis, MN – Twin Cities Date Spots

Figuring out what to do on a first date can be tough. Typically, unless you are a total creep, the goal of a first date is to get to know a person better. They are often filled with excitement and anticipation; will he/she be the one? However, they also can turn out to be uncomfortable and anxiety provoking. Thus, most people want a date to have a fun, relaxed atmosphere that also includes an activity. Activities are a way to provide light entertainment on the date in order to help eliminate the chance of awkward silences. This will come in handy in the case that you forget all the awesome things you were going to say.


Dave & Buster’s

Alright, alright I know what you are thinking, but seriously this arcade is awesome. Great drinks, awesome food and even better entertainment. Dave & Buster’s is the perfect first date for a couple of peeps that are looking to have a great time. Start out the date by getting a drink and an appetizer while rooting on the Minnesota Vikings or your other favorite Minnesota team. Be sure to check out the restaurant’s happy hour and Game Day specials, as they are hard to beat. After you get a little grub and maybe even a small buzz, head on over to the arcade and work together to get the most tickets possible! Then cash in your tickets to redeem legit prizes at the Winner’s Circle, or even better save the tickets and plan to take home something bigger the next time you and your date conquer the arcade world.



Walker Art Center

The Walker Art Center is not your typical “stuffy” museum, making the contemporary art exhibits the perfect conversation starters for a first date. Venture through the museum with one another at your own speed or tag along on one of the many guided tours available to guests. Dine or grab a drink at the restaurant located within the museum, Gather by D’Amico, featuring American cuisine and a happy hour from 5:00pm-7:00pm. Regardless of the time of year, be sure to explore the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden as it is one of the city’s most beloved hot spots. This date is bound to be a good time, no matter if you are art connoisseurs or still draw stick people.



Acme Comedy Club

A comedy show is always a great idea for a date, but is an excellent idea if it happens to be the first one. Located in Minneapolis’s Warehouse District, Acme Comedy Club hosts a range of comedians that are sure to provide the entertainment you are looking for. Enjoy a night of laughter together for a whopping $15 a ticket, or double up and purchase the dinner show package for $30. Even better check out the new talent Monday night for free, when fresh comedians take the stand or veterans test out new material during open mic night. Don’t forget to grab a drink at the bar after the show to spend more time with your date and relive the highlights of the night.



Lake Calhoun- Our Kitchen

Now this date is a personal favorite. Brunch is always a nice option for a first date as it takes the pressure off having to plan the most romantic night EVER. Plus, it allows for the consumption of mimosas, bloody marys and everyone’s favorite, breakfast food. Start not only your date, but the day off right with the best breakfast food in Uptown, Minneapolis. Our Kitchen is the kind of breakfast food that makes you feel good; hearty, flavorful, delishesness that you just can’t get enough of. The “mom and pop shop” creates a lively atmosphere that is entertainment within itself. Just a note, be prepared for a short wait before you belly-up to the counter or take a window seat. After breakfast, take a short drive right down the street and park at one of the many locations by Lake Calhoun. Walk the lake and enjoy the scenic views while participating in a game of 20 questions to get to know your date a little better.



VIP Movie in West End at Showplace Icon

This date is the perfect option for two people that are previous friends and looking to become friendlier. Unlike your standard movie theater, the VIP section of this theater provides deluxe memory foam chairs and more importantly is 21+. Be sure to order your tickets online and reserve your seats within the VIP section before arriving at the theater. The lobby lounge, an upscale bar, offers a full food/drink menu that is provided throughout each movie to guests only seated within the VIP section (SCORE!). After the movie is over, no need to travel far in order to continue the date- just head on out to one of the many bars or restaurants located within West End.



There you have it, now get out there!

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