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All 2015 Veterans Day Retail Store Deals and Coupons – Full List

As you know, Wednesday November 11, 2015 is Veterans Day, and in honor of Veterans Day, many retail stores across the country are offering deals to veterans, and some deals are for spouses and family members too.

Below we’ve compiled a list of the best deals at stores for veterans on Veterans day.  Be sure to look over all the offerings as some stores have specific deals for active duty veterans and dependents of our armed forces members.

Also if you are interested in the 2015 Food deals for veterans click here or 2015 Entertainment & Travel deals for veterans click here.

That said here are the retail store deals for the 2015 veterans day.

2015 Veterans Day Retail Deals and Coupons

Amazon – First off has a ton of deals and promotions for veterans and it would take to long to list them all.  There are a variety of USA themed items at substantial discounts and they are even offering Kindle tablets for $60 and their new fire tablet for $50.  To view all the deals and automatically apply the coupon code click this link here.

Alfred Angelo- If you are a military bride, you can get a free wedding gown, but you must make an appointment at the store on November 11 in order to qualify. If you are looking to get married and have this store near you, then this is a great deal since wedding gowns are so expensive.

Brides Across America- All November long, there is a wedding gown giveaway which is in partnership with various bridal salons throughout the country. If you are a qualifying bride, then you need to register to attend one event at participating bridal salons. All you have to do is pay $20 and complete the registration form, and then after you are verified, you are assisted in finding you the perfect dress from the selection available. If you are in the hunt for a bridal gown and need to get some opinions and help with finding the perfect dress, then this is a really cool deal.

brooks-brothers-veterans-dayBrooks Brothers– Through November 11, any active duty military and veterans who purchase items in store will get 25% off their purchase. If you are looking for some new apparel this year, then you will definitely want to take up this deal since no coupon is needed.

Cardiac Life– If you are a veteran, then you can take $15 CPR courses through the month of November. Everyone who is a veteran needs to hop on this deal because CPR is a life-saving maneuver you need to know.

Dell- Whether you are current or former military, Dell is offering you 15% off select PCs and electronics, but this deal is only on November 11. If you need a new computer or other electronics device, this is a deal you want to make sure you check out, especially with the holidays coming up.

Dollar General- In honor of Veterans Day, if you go into Dollar General on November 11, you will get 11% off qualifying purchases, and so will your family. You must be an active-duty service member to qualify. This is a great offer because it not only extends to you but also your family as well, so you can get even more savings if you separate the orders.

Enterprise Car Sales- Veterans, active military, and even dependents of veterans can get a Firestone Prepaid Maintenance Package all November long. This offer is valid with the purchase of any Enterprise vehicle during the month of November, and this is a nice deal but one most people will not end up using since it is so specific.

Firestone Complete Auto Care– If you come into Firestone between November 8 and November 15, you can get 10% off the lowest price of any auto service. This offer is for active duty and veterans, and it is definitely worth checking out if you need some car work done or regular maintenance done.

Food Lion- Active duty, veterans, and their families all get a 10% discount on November 11, and this is a great deal if you have a Food Lion location near you.

Grace for Vets- Free car washes to service members and veterans on November 11, and car washes from all over the country are involved in Grace for Vets. Awesome deal but make sure you ask your local car wash if they are participating beforehand.

great-clips-veterans-day-dealsGreat Clips– Customers that come in on November 11 can get a free haircut card, and you can then give this to your own favorite veteran. If you are a veteran, you can get the free haircut card as well or even get a free haircut right then. If you get the free haircut card, you have until December 31 to redeem it. This is a really great offer because it is extended to all customers on November 11, so you can give that military person in your life a free haircut card.

Grizzly Industrial– Retired, active duty and veterans all can get 5% off all purchases. This deal runs from November 11 through November 28. This is a great deal because it runs for the rest of the month.

Home Depot– If you are a veteran, you can get 10% off on November 11. In Fact, Home Depot gives all veterans, active duty and retired military, this deal all year long. This is great because you get 10% off all year long, not just for one day.

IKEA– Through November 11, veterans can get a free entrée. This is a great deal because who does not love free entrées?

iPic Theaters– Whether you are a former or current military member, you can get a free ticket on Veterans Day to see a movie of your choice. This is a good deal because you can spend the day watching a movie with family or friends.

JCPenny- Former and current military and their family members all can get a 5% discount in stores from November 4 through November 11. This is a good deal, because 5% is still savings and there are so many items in JCPenny to choose from, whether you want something for yourself or your children.

JDog Junk Removal & Hauling– Active duty and veterans can get half-off services if you book a job for November 11. This is a really good offer, but it will likely be booked up, but you can call to try to get the offer at least.

Little Bra Company– If you shop online in the month of November, you can get 15% off all regular priced items. This is a huge deal because it does not even say it is for military, so it is just a deal anyone can get in on if you are in need of a new bra or intimate items.

Lowe’s- There is a 10% discount to all veterans on November 11, but this is in-store only. This is a huge deal because 10% off can add up to a lot when it comes to home improvement products.

Meineke– You can get a free Basic Oil change at participating locations on November 11 if you are a veteran. This is one of the best deals because oil changes are not cheap, although there might be long lines, and you need to call to make sure your location is participating.

Publix- Military personnel, their families, and veterans all get 10% off their grocery bill on November 11. In times like these, 10% off your grocery bill is a big deal, so definitely a good bargain, and Publix is also found in many states which makes this even better.

Rack Room Shoes- Military personnel and dependents all can get a 10% discount off an entire purchase, but this offer is only on November 11. This is a great deal because you can get shoes for the family for a lot cheaper!

Sheetz– Active duty and veterans can get a free 6-inch turkey sub, with a regular size fountain drink, and also get a carwash on November 11. This is a really awesome deal because who does not love food and a drink, plus a carwash all for free?

Sleep Number- Through November 15, all veterans and active duty military can get exclusive discounts on various Sleep Number products. If you want a Sleep Number mattress set, you could even save $700. This is not a bad deal, but the price of these products might make you think your not getting that good of an offer.

Sport Clips- Veterans and active duty military personnel can get a free haircut on November 11 at Sport Clips. This is a pretty sweet deal because who doesn’t want to look sharp right before the holidays, and for free nonetheless. It does not say whether you need to show any identification or not, but it is always good to bring it with you just in case they ask to see it.

Steve Madden- Everyone gets 20% off their entire purchase on November 11, and service members can get an extra 10% off on November 11, making that 30% for military personnel. This is a great deal because it is extended to 20% off for everyone, military or not.

Tires Plus- Veterans and active duty military can get 10% off the lowest price of any automotive service. This deal is between November 8 and November 15, so check this deal out because a savings is a savings and it is worth it.

under-armour-dealsUnder Armour- Active duty, veterans, and retirees can get 15% off on their order, and this is a good deal but it does not specify if this is for November 11 only so check it out on Veterans Day to get this deal.

Wheel Works- Active duty and veterans can get 10% off the lowest advertised price of any auto service. This is a great offer and it is definitely one you need to check out, but this offer is only from November 8 through November 15.

Wheel Market- Veterans, active-duty, retirees, Guard, Reserves, DOD, and even spouses can get 20% of their order between November 7 and November 11. This is a great offer because it extends out to everyone and you have one day left to get in on the Wheel Market offer!

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