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Best Black Friday Blu-Ray and DVD Movie Deals

Stock up on movies for the upcoming holiday season with these blockbuster Black Friday 2015 discounts and offers. Here is a full list of the deals with nothing but the best prices for your collection:

Best Buy:

Best Buy has Black Friday 2015 specials for a vast number of movies in Blu-Ray, with their original $10 prices or more slashed down to incredible discounts.

  • Take home San Andreas 3D Blu-Ray for $9.99, originally for $13.99.
  • Animated specials are also part of Black Friday 2015 discounts. The Book of Life in Blu-Ray 3D for $12.99 instead of $29.99.


  • With a price of $19.99, get the Ice Ace Complete Collection in Blu-Ray, originally for sale at $44.99.Also, the Terminator Anthology 5 Disk Set is up for grabs for the same deal as well.
  • For 007 fans, get the James Bond Collection in Blu-Ray for $89.99. Its everyday sale price is $119.99.
  • Go back to Middle Earth with the Hobbit Motion Picture Trilogy Gift Set in Blu-Ray for $59.99, discounted from its $79.99 original tag.
  • Just in time for the upcoming Episode VII, revisit the Star Wars universe with these steelbook specials for $14.99 each, $2 worth of savings from their retail price.


  1. Episode I: The Phantom Menace
  2. Episode II: Attack of the Clones
  3. Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
  4. Episode IV: A New Hope
  5. Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
  6. Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Enjoy these Blu-Ray movie offers of $9.99 each:

  • Cinderella, Fast and Furious 7, Fifty Shades of Grey, Inside Out, Jurassic World, Pixels, and more.

Discounts on these titles for $5.99:

  • American Sniper, Birdman, Gone Girl, Ice Age, The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, Taken 3,Whiplash, X-Men, and more than 70 other films.

For $3.99 each, choose from a collection of 80 Blu-Ray titles including:

  • Fight Club, Ghostbusters, Skyfall, The Princess Bride, Wolverine, and X-Men First Class.

Prices for these movies are down to $1.99:black-friday-2015-best-buy-$1.99

  • End of Watch, Good Will Hunting, Spaceballs, Step Brothers, Zombieland, and 75 other titles.

Black Friday 2015 gives you a chance to expand your collection of movies with a buy 1 get 1 free deal for 40 select movies, such as:

  • American Hustle, Hotel Transylvania, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Monuments Men, White House Down, and Zero Dark Thirty.




In-store movie prices based on a color coding scheme are available in more than a hundred titles:

  • $7 sale for movies with a blue sticker. $5 for red stickers, and $3 for green ones.



  • For $10, get the musically-charged Pitch Perfect 2 with bonus content, originally prblack-friday-2015-target-pitch-parkiced at $19.99.
  • Fuel your love for dinosaurs with Jurassic World for $10 instead of $24.99. The DVD also comes with bonus content.
  • A doorbuster price of $4 starts on Thursday, 6:00PM for select movies, including:
  • Divergent, Focus, Hot Pursuit, Paddington, The Imitation Game, Turbo, and The Croods, to name a few.
  • Rebuild your James Bond collection with the $6 sale on Goldfinger, No, Skyfall, and Quantum of Solace, and other select Blu-Ray movies. Original prices range from $10 to $24.99.
  • Grab Marvel’s Avengers 1 and 2, and select Disney titles like Aladdin and Inside Out with 25% off discounts.




  • A wide selection of movies are up for sale with prices ranging from $1.96 to $7.76 on DVDs and $3.96, $6.96, and $9.96 on select Blu-Ray titles.black-friday-2015-walmart-9.96black-friday-2015-walmart-3.96


Best Buy is the store of choice this Black Friday 2015 if you are in need of box sets and to take advantage of their buy 1 take 1 offers. Walmart, on the other hand, is ideal if you’re out fishing for movies with no specific title in mind.



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