Best FITBIT deals for Cyber Monday 2015 – Leaked discounts and special offers

With New Year approaching closely, many will set their New Year’s resolution to loose some weight. Often times, people don’t follow their set goal, but hopefully buying a Fitbit will motivate you to work harder towards your set resolution! There are success stories floating around the internet where people have lost upwards of 50 lbs just by using a Fitbit, don’t you wish we all lost weight this easily?!

First off before going through all the deals Amazon hasn’t released their fitbit pricing as of this posting however they will be updating the following page with the fitbit deals at 12:01 AM on Monday.  So click here to see all of’s FitBit Deals as they are likely to be as good if not better than the deals below.

  • The Fitbit Charge HR is the most popular Fitbit since not only does it measure steps, calories, stair, sleep and all those, but it also tracks your heart rate throughout the day. This means that when you’re doing push-ups, or any other form of exercise that doesn’t move your arms, the Fitbit will be able to record it since it can sense a spike in your increased heart rate, the other simpler Fitbits can’t do this. The retail price of the Charge HR is $150, but this Cyber Monday Kohl’s will sell it to you for $120 which is a saving of $30 and also give you $30 in Kohl’s cash. Fantastic offer, get it while Kohl’s still got it!
  • If you don’t need the heart rate monitor, and only want steps, calories, stairs, distance, sleep, then the Fitbit Charge is perfect for you. It’s the same device as the Charge HR, but without the heart rate monitor. Heck, you can even use it as a clock, since it’s got a watch on it! Best Buy will give you savings of $40 from the retail price of $130. Get it for only $90 from Best Buy!
  • The Fitbit Surge is the most powerful Fitbit, it’s packed with features. It’s aimed at highly active people, and if you are wearing it constantly it will look like you’re always either coming or going to/from a run! It’s gigantic! What set’s this Fitbit from the rest is it’s GPS, which provide pace, distance, routes, heart rate, steps, calories, stairs, sleep, and even smartwatch features like call and text notification, and also control your music from your wrist. The watch is also touchscreen. It’s literally a smartwatch with intense athletic features! It retails or $250, but Brookstone can save you $50 on it! 
  • The Fitbit Flex is the most popular Fitbit. It has just the right amount of features for someone who is semi-active, at a right price. The band is replaceable, and you can switch it out anytime (you could have a different band every day!) Users claims it’s also the most comfortable, the silicone band is just right! It also has all the expected features like the rest of the Fitbits: Steps, calories, distance, time, sleep. Walmart has it in stock for only $60, that’s a steal, considering others have paid $100 for it! Get this special discount while it lasts! Also it’s worth to mention that users are very happy with their Fitbit Flex, you rarely see someone complaining about it!
  • This next product isn’t what Fitbit is known for, it’s their lesser popular product. It’s the Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale, it’s just like a regular scale-but it’s smart! It can accurately weigh you and sync all the details with the Fitbit app on your phone, so that way you’re more accurately measuring calories. You can also see a graph with your progress of weight loss or gain (going back to New Year’s resolution goals) so you can monitor which way the graph is going. Amazon has in in stock and on sale for $117, saving you $13 from the retail price. Even though this is doesn’t seem like a big discount, this scale rarely goes on sale, in a couple of days it’ll spike back up at $130.

Those were the best deals for Fitbit products this Cyber Monday. Honestly though, Fitbit doesn’t have many products, they’re a wearables company, how many alterations of the same product can you sell?! Their most popular product is the Fitbit Flex, although more active runners or other people more activity-oriented are going to look at something like the Charge HR or the Surge. Make your pick and loose those pounds! Also, please make sure your goal will be accomplished, the one that you will set this holiday season!