Thursday, June 8, 2023

The Best GPS Deals for Black Friday – Garmin & TomTom Models

With all the incredible Black Friday deals that go on it’s easy to get caught up in the bigger and more flashy items on sale. However, the deals on GPS devices on Black Friday are consistently some of the best around and let’s face it, a great GPS can save you loads of time on your trips and is an essential item in every vehicle this day and age.

So we’ve compiled some of the best deals around to help you make an informed decision on where to spend your hard earned (and saved) cash.

Best Buy has some really good deals on the Garmin nüvi series at the moment:

  • First up is the 55LM 5″ GPS with Lifetime Map Updates in Black which usually retails for $129.99 but is currently on sale right now for $79.99. This is arguably the most value for money option out of the three deals
  • Next is the 57LM 5” which is the older brother of the 55LM and contains a couple new features such as 3D mapping. At $129.99 down from $149.99 it’s not a massive saving but is definitely worth it if you’d prefer some of the extras it has.
  • Lastly the 65LM comes in at 6” which is perfect if you prefer more screen real estate on your GPS device. Its biggest feature is that it is compatible with your smartphone, allowing you to share a host of information such as recent searches and favourite locations. This model retails for $159.99 but is now on sale at $140.99 with a saving of $19.00.

If you’re not a fan of Garmin then Best Buy also has a couple Black Friday deals on some TomTom GPS devices.

  • The VIA 1515M comes in at the standard of 5” and contains all the features of a good entry-level GPS like 3D mapping and lifetime updates. It is currently down from $119.99 to $79.99 which brings a pretty great saving of $40.
  • The GO 60 S is a 6” model and is a great alternative to the Garmin 65LM featured above. Containing similar extras like smartphone compatibility it comes in at $136.99, down from $179.99.

Overall, there is no shortage of great GPS deals for the 2015 Black Friday and if you’ve ever been hesitant of purchasing one because of the price then hopefully some of these deals have won you over.



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