Best HDTV Deals for Cyber Monday – Best discounts and special offers

Black Friday was a popular time to buy an HDTV, but if you haven’t had a chance to upgrade, this Cyber Monday is your last time to do until next year. We have got some awesome deals on some amazing products, everything from 4K to 1080p and all sorts of sizes. Make your pick from the choices below!

  • We will be starting off with a very popular TV, Samsung is known to be the best choice for buying a TV, they have got a lot of options to pick from. But Target has their famous Ultra HD TV, for only $600, that’s savings of $300 from the retail price, and as a added bonus you get $100 Target gift card, that’s basically $400 savings! It’s an amazing TV, it’ll blow you away when you first set it up. It’s not gigantic, only 48 inches, but it’ll be a perfect TV for a bedroom of basement. It also worth to mention that it has a Quad Core processor, with Smart features built-in the TV, 4K resolution, 60Hz refresh rate, 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, and a variety of other ports as well. It’s just an awesome TV overall for a fantastic price!
  • Dell also has a deal on their LG TV. The 65 inch Lg 4K Smart TV usually costs $1400, but for this Cyber Monday you can get $300 off and get this fantastic TV for only $1100. This is a steal considering how many features it has, it has all the Smart features you’d expect from a TV this days, including webOS which means the TV has a web browser built-in. Two speakers, one USB port, three HDMI ports, 4K resolution, and a ton of extra features. And considering the price point of only $1100, you won’t find anything better for this size! Get it while it lasts!
  • If you want something on a lower price point, Khol’s has a 43 inch TV for only $300, you won’t save much from the regular price of $350, but for this price you might as well get it. It’s not a 4K TV, nor a Smart TV, only 1080p with a couple of HDMI ports, but if that’s all you need and the size satisfies you, this is perfect! 
  • This next deal is for a 4K TV, but it’s not from a famous manufacturer like Samsung or LG, so performance might be on the lower side. But Vizio has a Smart 4K Ultra HD TV, 65 inches, with Netflix, Pandora, Facebook, You Tube, and all the Smart features built in for only $1000, you’re saving $500 from the retail price! And it has 5 HDMI ports, do you even have that many devices to connect to it?! 
  • If you live nearby an Walmart they might have a 4K TV from Hisense for only $650, you can’t get this online, only in store. It might be worth the trip to find out if your store has this in stock. It’s an alright TV, and this price is fantastic, considering all the features it has, like Smart features, and 4K resolution, 120Hz refresh rate. Go and find out!!

Those were the best HDTV deals for this Cyber Monday, it isn’t much different from the Black Friday deals, but if you missed those, this is your chance! We’ve got a lot of TVs from a lot of manufacturers, Samsung is the most popular at the moment with all the sales they’re making and they truly do have a quality product, but LG comes in with a close second. Make your pick from the best deals above, but choose a quality product. TVs should only be replaced every couple years, but if you make a bad choice, you might have to go TV shopping next Cyber Monday again. I’d go with the Samsung, I saw it in store and it’s absolutely phenomenal, the colors are so vibrant, and it’s super thin. We will also keep you updates if any leaked deals come up, or any special discounts are released!

Choose wisely!