Best Lenovo Cyber Monday Deals – Coupon Codes & Sales

Cyber Monday is a lot like Black Friday, in that you can get a lot of great savings and deals on some of the most wanted and popular items of the holiday season. The prices on Cyber Monday often times are equal to, if not better, than the sales on Black Friday, with the only difference being that Cyber Monday is exclusively online shopping through various retail stores and other websites. There are a lot of deals for Cyber Monday 2015 when it comes to your favorite electronics items, such as laptops and computers.

One of those stores where you will find hot deals and discounts on laptops and desktop computers during Cyber Monday 2015 is Lenovo. Lenovo is one of the top retail stores for computers as Lenovo computers are some of the most sought after brands on the market, and during Cyber Monday 2015 you will find a lot of deals that you will not find any other time of the year, including on Black Friday.

There are quite a few deals going on over at the Lenovo online store this Cyber Monday, but we thought we would give you a preview of those deals now, since the Cyber Monday 2015 deals were just leaked online. If you would like to see the complete list of Cyber Monday 2015 deals for Lenovo then you can head over to their website between now and the end of the day on Cyber Monday to catch all the hot deals.


Lenovo 2015 Cyber Monday Deals:

  • You can get 45% off Various Thinkpad Laptops, Thinkcentre Desktops and other products by entering in coupon code “BFCWTHINK” during checkout. This deal is on select items only including Thinkstations, Thinkserver Towers, and Racks. This coupon is valid right now but expires on December 6.
  • Thinkstation P Series Workstation Towers are also 45% off right now through December 14. If you would like to get this special Cyber Monday 2015 deal simply enter coupon code “BFCMSERVER” during checkout and there are a few restrictions and exclusions to this offer in which are listed on the website.
  • ThinkServer T Series Tower Servers are 45% off the regular price and this special offer is valid now through December 14. If you would like to get the 45% off ThinkServer T Series Tower Servers simply enter “BFCMSERVER” into the box during checkout, but there are some restrictions to this offer so make sure you know what items the coupon is going to be valid for.

These are just a few of the amazing deals going on at the Lenovo online store during 2015 Cyber Monday, and there are plenty of other deals to be had on the website. These deals are running a little longer than your normal Cyber Monday 2015 deals, which is good since that gives you more time to save up to get just the Lenovo computer you want.

In terms of the best websites to go for 2015 Cyber Monday, if you are looking for computer deals then Lenovo is definitely one of the top places to go this year. The best part about Lenovo is that you get a lot of special offers and deals and these desktops and laptops are all built to last, which means you will easily get your money out of these computers. Stay tuned because there might be more deals over at Lenovo for 2015 Cyber Monday that we will have to tell you about, so make sure to come back and check to see if more offers have been released.

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