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Black Friday LED & LCD Monitor Deals – The Best Prices List

Monitors are an item that a lot of people have to use everyday, whether it be because they are into gaming or need a big monitor for their office at work or home. Monitors are one of the biggest sellers on Black Friday, which is often due to the amazing deals that a lot of companies have on this sought after electronics item. These days, monitors are very lightweight and come in HD so if you have not purchased a monitor in years, then you are in for a treat when you look online or in-store this Black Friday for a new monitor for your home or office.

While many different stores have monitors on sale this Black Friday, some stores have better deals and specials than others, which means it is good to know where the best monitor deals are on Black Friday in 2015. Some deals will be exclusive to online while other sales and deals are for in-store only, and then you also have Black Friday monitor deals that are both online and in-store. We also can’t forget that some stores are opening and beginning sales on Thanksgiving, which means not all the hot deals are going to be on 2015 Black Friday. If you are looking for a great monitor then you are in luck, because we have decided to compile a list full of the best monitor deals for Black Friday in 2015.

Staples Monitor Deals:


There are actually six great monitor deals at Staples going on, but we are going to tell you the top three choices. You can begin 2015 Black Friday on Thursday if you shop online. If you want to go to the store, then you will need to wait until Black Friday to begin your shopping.

  • The best deal is a Dell 24″ LED Backlit Monitor which is 1920×1080 resolution which is full HD. This monitor from Dell is $99.99 and that saves you $120 off the regular price of $219.99 and you can also order this online and get free delivery as well.
  • The other really good deal at Staples for 2015 Black Friday in terms of monitors is an HP 27″ IPS LED Backlit Monitor which is on sale for $199.99 and this is a savings of $50 off the regular price of $249.99
  • Samsung 24″ LED Curved Monitor is $149.99 and this is a discount of $100 which is a huge deal and this is 1920×1080 resolution as well. This is available both online and in-store with free delivery

Dell Home & Office:


  • The best deal from Dell Home & Office is a 20″ Dell D2015HM Monitor and this is going on sale for $79.99, which is a savings of $50 since this retails for $129.99. This is a doorbuster offer that begins at 8 am on Friday November 27 only, and there are limited quantities of this monitor, which means it is a first come, first serve deal. This offer is exclusive to the online website so you will not be able to get this in stores at this price
  • If you are into gaming then you might want to check out the 27″ Dell Gaming Monitor-S2716DG, which is going to be on sale for $629.99 and this is a really nice monitor if you are into gaming or even more professional things like graphic design. This offer is also available only online for this price and this is actually a savings of $170 off the regular price, making this one of the best monitor deals of 2015 Black Friday

Best Buy:


  • Best Buy has a Dell 24″ LED HD Monitor which is Dell model E2414HM, and this is available for $99.99 and that is a great savings on this monitor. You might think that you have to buy the whole computer to get this offer, but when you look at the ad, it allows you to buy just the monitor which makes this a great deal if you need a reliable but very cheap monitor, and you save quite a bit off the retail price

When it comes down to it, there are several deals and discounts on monitors for 2015 Black Friday, and these are just a few of the many you will find at various stores. Between having a variety in sizes, most stores also offer many different brands to choose from, which means you will be able to find just the monitor you want at that special sale price for 2015 Black Friday. There might be even more monitor deals coming out in the next few days leading up to Black Friday so make sure you check as we will update you if more amazing monitor deals and discounts happen.

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