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Black Friday Deals for Harbor Freight Released – See The Full Ad

When you think of Black Friday deals in 2015, you might not automatically think about Harbor Freight, as that is a discounted tool store, but there are many deals to be had at Harbor Freight. What Harbor Freight does is they basically get the tools and other products right from the competitors, which means that they cut out the middle person so that you can get the savings from cutting out the middle man.

While Harbor Freight is always the best place to go for the lowest prices and most savings on tools, during Black Friday the deals are even lower, and you will find the lowest price on everything ranging from everyday tools to those special tools, and it is the top spot for low price but high quality products.

The Harbor Freight ad for 2015 Black Friday was just released online, which shows a huge selection in tools and home improvement items that are well below the already discounted and low prices that Harbor Freight is known for. The sale runs from Black Friday through the weekend so you are sure to find what you are looking for without having to search all other home improvement stores to try to find better deals.

We are going to give you a small preview of just some of the hottest 2015 Black Friday deals that Harbor Freight has to offer, but click the image on the bottom of the page to bring up the complete Black Friday ad.

Top 2015 Black Friday Deals at Harbor Freight:

  • US General 44″ 13 Drawer Roller Cabinet is $349.99 which is well over a 50% savings as you save $680 off the MSRP of $1,029.99 and this is a great deal you will not find again
  • Pittsburgh Rapid Pump 3-Ton Heavy Duty Steel Floor Jack is $68.68 which is a savings of over 50% as you save $87 and this is a really nice deal
  • Chicago Electric 12″ Sliding Compound Double-Bevel Miter Saw with Laser Guide is $136.15 and this is a massive discount off the $399 MSRP so you save $262
  • Oilless Air Compressors 3 Gallon 100 PSI Pancake is $39.99 and you save 55% off MSRP which is $89
  • Chicago Electric 90 AMP Flux Wire Welder is $84.00 which is a $65 savings and that is a good deal
  • Pittsburgh 105-Piece Tool Kit with 4 Drawer Chest is $36.78 which is over a 50% savings off the $99.97 MSRP so you save $63 and that is a great deal
  • Drill Driver and Flashlight Kit is $19.99 which is a 79% savings and a great deal for a drill driver
  • 17-ft Type 1 A Multi-Task Ladder is $115 and that is a nice savings of $94 and holds up to 300 pounds
  • 10-Ft x 17-Ft Portable Garage is $177.88 and this is a really nice deal since you save $133 off the MSRP
  • US General 26″ 4 Drawer Tool Cart is $99.99 and this is a massive deal since you save $250 and you will not find a better deal than this for a tool cart
  • Windsor Design 60″ Hardwood Workbench with 4 Drawers is $129.99 and that is a huge savings of $245 off the MSRP of $375 and one of the best deals you will find
  • 3-in-1 Portable Power Pack with Jump Starter is $38.88 and that is a 35% savings off the $59.99 MSRP and definitely something you want to pick up for winter weather
  • Oversized Low-Profile Creeper is $19.43 which is a savings of over 75% and there is a 300 pound weight limit
  • 3 Ton Heavy Duty Steel Jack Stands are $19.43 which is a great deal as you save over 75% on this offer
  • 45 Watt Solar Panel Kit is $136.74 which is a decent deal as you save $66 off the MSRP of $203.73

As you can see by the preview we showed you from the Black Friday 2015 Harbor Freight ad, there are so many deals out there with prices that you will not be able to find anywhere else. The best thing too about Harbor Freight is that you know you are getting not only a good deal, but a good quality product, which can’t be said for other places that sell tools for cheap. There are also many other special prices, discounts, and offers in the store throughout Black Friday so to see all of the deals, check the ad and go into the store to find the lowest prices on tools that you will ever stumble upon.

If you would like to see the complete Black Friday ad for Harbor Freight for 2015, simply click the picture below to get the entire Harbor Freight ad scan.


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