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Best LCD TV Deals for Black Friday – Coupons and Special deals

If you are thinking about buying something this Black Friday, there is very high change that you might want to purchase a high definition TV. Maybe you need another TV for your basement, or maybe you just want to upgrade the one in the living room.
Whatever your reason is, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best deals for this 2015 Black Friday, some of these even have online shipping direct to you home, so you don’t even need to go to the store.

Walmart Black Friday LCD TV Deals:

Walmart has one of the best special discounts going one, it also happens to be the cheapest for a 55 inch TV. The drawback is that it isn’t from a well-known brand, like Toshiba or Samsung. But if that doesn’t concern you, this is great!
It’s usually priced at $500, and you’re saving $150 by buying it for $348, it has 3HDMI ports for all your peripherals, and it also has a built in Roku.

Best Buy Black Friday LCD TV Deals:

Best Buy also has got some good deals, they’ve got some deep discounts with amazing prices. You can get this Toshiba 49” 1080p TV for $429.99, which you won’t usually find.
The TV has 3 HDMI ports and one USB port, you can use this with a Chromecast, if you’ve got one.

If you want something bigger, but still want a good offer, you can buy the same model but 55 inches for just $50 more. And you can even order this online. The TV costs $549.99, but this Black Friday you can get it for $479.99, saving you $70 from regular price.
4K TVs were a big hit this year, and we think you’ll want to upgrade (if you haven’t already), well, this is your chance! Best Buy has a special sale going on for a Samsung 60 inch, and it also happens to be a Smart TV as well. Check it out before it ends! If this is a bit pricey, you can still look at the 1080p TV instead of a 4K.

Target Black Friday LCD TV Deals:

Target, too, gets into the TV game, by selling a 55 inch 4K Smart TV, you’ll have to go in store to find this though. It doesn’t come from a well know brand, but that’s where the savings come from, it’s from a brand name “Element”. The price is $399.99.

Costco Black Friday LCD TV Deals:

Costco has the biggest 4K TV were featuring in this post. It’s a 70 inch Vizio, 4K, Smart TV. It normally goes for $1,949.99 but this Black Friday you can save $300 and get it for $1,649.99. It’s got a great refresh rate, a six-core processor, dual band Wifi, 5 HDMI ports, and even a two sided remote. It’s a fantastic and super capable TV, but it’s a bit expensive, even for Black Friday standards.

Dell Black Friday LCD TV Deals:

Dell also has some offers going on for a 4K Smart TV, and it also comes with a HDMI cable. This deal is a door buster and it starts this Friday at 12AM, so don’t be late! It starts at $799.99, which is pretty good for a 4K TV. This TV has a whapping 5 HDMI ports, you can connect all sorts of things to it!

Dell has another deal on one of their TVs, it’s an 50 inch LG 4K Smart TV, and you’re saving $1,000, that’s a lot of cash, you can get the TV for $899.99, down from $1,899.99. It’s got 3 HDMI ports, Wi-Fi and Lan, 2 stereo speakers, and even 3 USB ports, just in case you want to have 3 flash drives connected at the same time.

Overall there are a lot of good deals this Black Friday. Wherever your shopping online or in store, or if you’re looking for a small TV, or a bigger TV, or if you want 4K or 1080p. You’ll definitely find something you’ll like for a cheaper price than usual. We will keep you posted with the leaked deal ads, and any new promotions that appear in cyber space.



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