Best Airline Deals for Cyber Monday – Top Airfare & Flight Specials

There are many discounts and offers available online for Cyber Monday 2015, and yes this includes airfare. As 2016 fast approaches, and you have a lot of planned trips in mind, airline deals with great discounts can help you save money as you book flights for your business trips or vacations. Below is a full list of some of the best deals for airlines this coming Cyber Monday:


  • Air Berlin has a couple of special fares when departing from select US locations en route to European destinations, each with their own travel period. Boston and Dallas trips are from May 6 and 31, and August 24 to October 31, 2016. Trips departing from and returning to San Francisco are from May 6, June 15, and August 24 to October 31, 2016. Finally, for Chicago, Miami, and New York, the travel dates are from January 4 to March 27, 2016. The booking period for this deal started last Black Friday and goes up to December 1, 2015, so no need to worry if you are not available in Cyber Monday.
  • Cathay Pacific has a Black Friday offer that goes through Cyber Monday until December 4, 2015 for flights booked online. That’s plenty of time to book a flight with some of their fantastic offers on Asian destinations with a 50% discount on Economy Class flights. Also, you can earn up to 1,000 bonus Asia Miles for each flight booked during this period. Depart from Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco and head to Eastern destinations such as Chengdu, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City, Manila, and many others, with prices ranging from $664 to $794. The departure period is from February 9 to April 30, 2016 only.


  • Etihad, or the second best airline of the United Arab Emirates, offers a Cyber Monday 2015 deal for their flights. You can get up to 25% off on your Business, Economy, or First Class flight by booking online(click here) and entering the promo code “CYBERMONDAY” at the promotion code box located at the bottom of the said page. The sales period only lasts up to Cyber Monday 2015, and the eligible travel period is from January 1 to June 30, 2016. Take note of the eligible fares by looking for the
    yellow star when searching for flight dates. The 25% discount only applies to the flight’s base fare, and it excludes surcharges and taxes. It is also only applicable for one-way journeys or return flights that depart from the USA, and in the following: Breaking Deals, Business Saver, Business Value, Economy Saver, Economy Value, First Suite Freedom, and Business Freedom.  The discount is only applicable to a maximum of 9 guests per booked flight.
  • From Cyber Monday to December 14, 2015, EVA Air offers discounts on destinations such as China, Japan, Taiwan, and other nearby routes. Starting on $650 with round trip flights, the travel period is from February 7 to May 20, 2016.


  • Starting on Cyber Monday 2015, Fiji Airways has a 48 hour sale on flights with a travel period from January 23 to March 22, 2016. These round trip Economy Class flights are priced as follows:

From Los Angeles to Nadi: $899 Adult Special / $615 Child Special

($799 / $540 from Honolulu)

From Los Angeles to Sydney: $905 Adult Special / $665 Child Special

($899 / $655 from Honolulu)

From Los Angeles to Brisbane: $999 Adult Special / $735 Child Special

($989 / $659 from Honolulu)

From Los Angeles to Melbourne: $1,175 Adult Special / $719 Child Special

 ($885 / $645 from Honolulu)

From Los Angeles to Auckland: $949 Adult Special / $721 Child Special

($849 / $649 from Honolulu)

From Los Angeles to Wellington: $945 Adult Special / $719 Child Special

($839 / $639 from Honolulu)

From Los Angeles to Christchurch: $939 Adult Special / $715 Child Special

($1,029 / $645 from Honolulu)


  • Singapore Airlines has specials for both Business and Economy Class flights for Cyber Monday only. The travel period is from January 10 to May 31, 2016. Here are the destinations:

Los Angeles to Tokyo: $599 Economy Class / $2,999 Business Class

San Francisco to Seoul: $599 Economy Class / $2,999 Business Class

New York to Frankfurt: $699 Economy Class / $2,699 Business Class

Houston to Moscow: $499 Economy Class / $4,999 Business Class


EVA Air flights can be booked until December 14, 2015, so it remains as the best option if you are worried that you won’t be able to go online this Cyber Monday 2015, and if you are planning to visit certain Eastern countries.  On the other hand, Singapore Airlines has some pretty cheap discounts on Economy Class flights, but their specials only remain until the last few minutes of Monday.