Fallout 4’s Numbers So Far

Fallout 4 is finally out and gamers have rushed to stores to buy the title. Thousands are currently playing and Bethesda Softworks just said that it shipped 12 million copies, which equals to $720 million. That was just for the launch and the game developer is already saying other shipments have begun, suggesting that the first copies they sent are sold out.

Fallout 4’s launch and numbers show that console gaming is still strong, with $25 billion made this year. The numbers are not near mobile gaming but good enough to show that gamers are willing to spend $60 on the latest titles.

The shipments suggest that Bethesda is having success with its latest release. The studio has not revealed the amount of copies they have sold since releasing the game four days ago but everything has to be going Fallout 4well if they are already making more shipments. Fallout 4, which took around four years to make, is currently going up against other big titles. Games like Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Rise of The Tomb Raider are currently available, the two are popular titles and are competing against Fallout 4, despite not being the same genre.

Bethesda President, Vlatko Andonov, said that they’re extremely proud of their team of developers for creating this game. He added that the game is a masterpiece in game development and storytelling.

The studio also said that the Pip-Boy Edition of the game, which came with a replica of one of the accessories seen in the game, has sold out. The limited edition of the game was gone in just a few hours. Bethesda added that multiple retailers told them their title had the highest numbers of any game in 2015.

We don’t know how much copies have been sold but one of its competitors, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, brought in $550 million in just three days. Xbox One’s big title, Halo 5: Guardians, made around $400 million in the first week. The two titles have sold around $15 billion combined throughout the years.

Digital Sales

Digital sales for Fallout 4 are doing great. On Steam, the title became the number one game played, with more than 470,000 players. On the streaming site, Twitch, the game broke records for the year. The title is now the most viewed on the site this year.

Fallout 4 currently has high scores for all three versions. The game has been praised for its entertaining open world and story. The open world action role playing game takes place ten years after the events of Fallout 3. Gamers will be entertained for a while as the title gives you many things to do and has hundreds of hours of gameplay.

Fallout 4 is out in stores now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.