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Meijer Black Friday Deals – Full Ad Leaked

Meijer is one of the best retail stores out there with many locations across the United States to serve you no matter where you live. When it comes to prices, Meijer is one of the best in terms of low prices, special ooffers, bargains, and huge discounts. Whether you are looking for clothing, shoes, food items, household products like coffee makers, home and garden items, health and beauty items or even toys and electronics, Meijer has literally everything you need in one store.

The 2015 Black Friday ad for Meijer was just released and it shows a ton of amazing deals for you this year, including hot deals on electronics, toys, home items, and health and beauty items. These special offers and sales are only going to be available at these incredibly low prices on Black Friday, so you better get to Meijer or shop online if you want these hot deals. If you have an mPerks account you will find yourself getting more deals and coupons as well for Black Friday.

We are going to show you a small preview of just some of the amazing deals you might find at Meijer on Black Friday in 2015, but if you want to see all of the deals you will need to check out the ad scan which you can find at the bottom of this page.

Top Black Friday Deals at Meijer in 2015:

  • You can save even more money on Saturday with Santa Bucks which are featured in the Black Friday ad or you can download the Santa Bucks with your mPerks card. These Santa Bucks range from $5 off $24 all the way up to $20 off $100 which means you can save even more but it does exclude some items such as grocery and alcohol
  • December Home 7.5 Pro-Lit Sure Bright Mixed Needle Tree is on sale for $129.99 which is a savings of $70 and a great deal
  • December Home Light Spool are $14.99 which is a $10 savings
  • Grand Gourmet Cookware Set is $89.99 which is a huge savings of between $30 to $70 as regular price is $119.99 to $159.99 and that is a great deal
  • T-Fal Jumbop Cooker or 2 pack Fry Pans are $14.99 which is a discount of $10 and that is a good deal
  • Walnut Cheval Mirror with Jewelry Storage is $99 and this is a massive bargain as regular price is $199.99 so you save $100 and that is the best deal on this you will find anywhere
  • Olympia Rolling Duffels are 50% off regular price and are on sale for $14.99 which is a realyl nice deal and you can get them in red, green and printed designs
  • Big Joe Lumin Chairs are $24.99 and this is about a 50% saving off the regular $49.99 price so you save $25
  • Ninja Mega Kitchen System is $129.99 and that is a $70 savings which is a really good deal
  • Room & Retreat Plush Body Pillow is $9.99 which is a $20 savings and a really good deal since you can get these in many colors and sizes


  • Asus ZenPad 7″ 16GB Android Tablet is $99 which is a really big savings of about $100 as retail price is $199 and this is a really good deal
  • Element 55″ LED HDTV is $249.99 which is a $350 savings and that is massive for a 120HZ 1080p television. This is probably one of the best HDTV deals out there this year.
  • Xbox 360 4GB Console is $129.99 which is a $30 savings and you also get a $50 coupon for your next shopping trip which makes it a better deal
  • Samsung Galaxy Lite 7″ Tablet 8GB is $79.99 which is a really good deal and you can also save $20 off your next shopping trip making it a better deal
  • LinkSys Smart Wi-Fi Router is 50% off MSRP making it a bargain price of $99.50
  • Phillips 43″ Smart LED HD is on sale for $299 which is a huge savings of $150 and a great television deal


  • Tops, Activewear, and Bottoms for the family are $3.50 to $49 which is a decent savings off the $5 to $70 regular prices
  • Hanes Men’s, Women’s and Kid’s 6 pair socks are $5 which is a savings of $1.49 or more since retail price is $6.49 to $8.99
  • Falls Creek Women’s and Women’s Plus Basic Crew or V-Necks are $5 which is a $7 to $9 savings
  • Ava James Women’s Tops are $10 which is a savings of over 50% as you save $14 off the retail price of $24 which is a really good deal
  • Falls Creek Men’s Jeans or Twill Cargo Pants are $10 which is a savings of 50% or more since regular price is $19 to $22 and that is a good deal
  • Falls Creek Men’s Puffer Jackets are $24 which is a savings of $36 as regular price is $60 and that is a really good deal
  • Falls Creek Women’s Puffer Jacks are $28 and you save $42 off of the regular $70 MSRP

As you can see by these amazing deals, there are many different Black Friday deals and bargains to be had at Meijer this year. Some of the best electronics deals, toy deals, and clothing deals can be found at Meijer this year on Black Friday, and you can get to Meijer anytime on Black Friday to catch these hot deals. Of course, it is always better to go to Meijer and similar stores earlier than later so you can make sure the product you want is in stock, and going early on also gives you access to the doorbuster deals.

If you would like to see the full Meijer Black Friday ad for 2015, simply click on the image below to bring up the complete ad scan.


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