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Most Effective Natural Warts Remedies and Cures

natural-ways-remove-wartsThere is plenty of wrong advice on the Internet on how to treat warts painlessly and naturally. Many of these methods don’t work. What you need are these effective natural cures to remove your wart problems.

Duct Tape

This often recommended method is a great way to get rid of warts. What is especially curious about this is no one is quite sure why it works. All you have to do is apply some duct tape to the area, and leave it on for over six days. Once the six days are up, you can simply take off the tape, and your wart will be hard to the touch. Use a nail file, or soft shower stone, and work away at the now dry wart. It will simply fall off.

Apply the duct tape again for a couple of days afterwards, just to make sure that you have removed the area of all infections.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This stuff is magical for removing warts. All you have to do is grab some, a few cotton balls, and either plasters or some medical tape. Soak the cotton in the apple cider vinegar, and apply it to the wart. Use either your medical tape or plasters to keep the cotton ball in place for eight hours.

When you peel off the tape, you should find that the wart has become white. This shows that it is are drying out and is getting ready to be easily removed. All you have to do is repeat this apple cider bath for a few days, until it hardens and can be picked off.

Once you have picked them off though, carry on dosing the affected area with the vinegar. This is to make sure that you have removed every bit of the infection. Don’t skip this part, or else there is a real risk that the wart might just come back.

Although soaking is a very skin safe method of doing this, if you don’t want to keep the vinegar mixture on your skin for that long, you can always try heating up the apple cider vinegar. Just boil and leave to cool until it’s cold enough to put on your skin. Then, hold the cotton wool on each area for only twenty minutes. The warts should already be white by the time you remove the wool. Avoid getting water into the area for the next few hours, to make sure the drops of vinegar still left on your skin does their job in naturally removing your wart.

Use more onion

One fast way to remove warts, which you can easily put into your day to day life, is to eat more onions. herbal-medicinal-wart-cures-remedies-red-onionSimply add onions to every meal. As well as being very good for your body (onions are rich in many vital minerals, and have been shown to reduce blood sugar and fight cancer), the onions naturally work on the warts. Simply consuming more onions every day can make them fall off, without having to cover the areas in any special way.

Some people, however, do also recommend adding onion straight to the wart, using the same method of plasters or medical tape to keep the slice of onion secure.

Use Dandelions

Dandelions don’t just have to be pests in the garden. They can actually be very beneficial, and can be used to get rid of warts very easily. Just take a dandelion stem, and squeeze it in a bowl until you have some of its liquid. You can then apply this to the effected area. This will sting just slightly, which is a key sign that it is working. What happens is that the liquid of Dandelion is just slightly wart-remedies-cures-dandelion-naturalirritating, meaning that your immune system starts kicking into overdrive to take care of it. On the way, your body will naturally start tackling the wart.

Lemons and other citrus fruits

Orange peels, lemon peel, and limes; these can all be used to effectively remove the wart. Just take a slice, and apply it to the wart area over night.

The acid and essential oils in citrus fruit is toxic to warts, while being healthy on your skin. The oil will dry out the wart, allowing you to simply remove it from your body with sharp nails. Again, make sure to repeat this method even after you have removed the wart, just to make sure that the wart virus has completely disappeared from the area.


The last method you can use is to take the humble banana and use this as an effective and all natural way to get rid of the wart. The next time you eat a delicious banana, don’t throw away the peel, but instead, scrape along the inside to get all of the white mash off of it. Add a small dash of lemon oil to the pulp, and mix together. You now have a paste you can place over your wart to dry it out.

General Methods

Whenever touching the wart, while applying any of the methods here or by accident, make sure to wash your hands afterwards. This is because the wart bacteria and viruses can live on your hands, and you don’t want to spread the wart to any other places.

One way to make sure you prevent warts from appearing in the first place is to take regular showers, and to apply any of these effective remedies once a week to any areas you typically get warts.


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